Top 7 Wholesale Boxing Arcade Machine Manufacturers in 2023

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In this article, we’re going to go over 7 of the world’s best suppliers and manufacturers of boxing arcade machines and what they have to offer. We will also discuss the benefits of purchasing wholesale arcade machines.


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• Why Should You Choose Famous Wholesale Boxing Arcade Machine Suppliers & Manufacturers?


• The 7 Best Wholesale Boxing Arcade Machine Suppliers in 2019



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Boxing arcade machines provide a fun, interesting way for people to test their strength within the confines of an arcade. However, with boxing machines coming with varying brands, prices, and quality levels, it can be difficult to choose the right one for your arcade or business.


In this article, we’re going to go over 7 of the world’s best suppliers and manufacturers of boxing arcade machines and what they have to offer. We will also discuss the benefits of purchasing wholesale arcade machines.


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Why Should You Choose Famous Wholesale Boxing Arcade Machine Suppliers & Manufacturers?


1. Experience


Most of the famous boxing arcade machine suppliers and manufacturers have been working in the arcade business for several years. They know which arcade machines are the most popular and profitable, and offer detailed descriptions so you can choose the machines that are best suited for your needs.


2. Good Reviews


The more well-known suppliers of boxing arcade machines have many positive reviews from satisfied customers, and many are even partnered with famous companies. This can be very reassuring when you’re looking to buy a boxing arcade machine, as you can be certain that you will receive a quality product and get excellent customer service.


3. Trendsetting Arcade Machines


The biggest manufacturers and suppliers provide nothing but the latest and greatest in arcade machines. You want to make sure that the boxing arcade machine you buy is the newest, most entertaining, and highest quality model available in order to maintain your reputation and rake in the most profits.


4. Boxing Arcade Machines are Great Additions to an Arcade


Simply put, boxing arcade machines are simple, easy to play, and can drive a lot of business to your arcade. People love to test their strength and compare themselves with their friends, and many boxing arcade machines achieve this by allowing for multiple players. The simple nature of boxing arcade machines also allows them to be enjoyed by people of all ages.


5. Cost-Effectiveness


Arcade machines are very expensive, so it’s good to try and cut down on costs whenever possible. Boxing arcade machines are much cheaper if you purchase them directly from the original manufacturers or if you buy them from a supplier offering them at wholesale price. Furthermore, the top suppliers often offer financing options and discounts on bulk orders.


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The 7 Best Wholesale Boxing Arcade Machine Suppliers in 2023


1. Neofuns


Neofuns Amusement Equipment is an arcade game manufacturer based out of China that was established in 2003. They create over 100 different arcade products which are sold to countries all over the world.

Neofuns manufactures their own boxing machine, called the Ultimate Big Punch Boxing Machine. It comes with a prize dispenser for canned beverages, and has a flashy design that’s sure to attract customers. Not only is it a bestselling boxing arcade machine in China, but it’s also available at a very low price.

Neofuns only makes one boxing arcade machine, but its success in China has proven it can be popular, and buying straight from the manufacturer means a much cheaper price. Look to purchase Neofuns’ Ultimate Big Punch Boxing Machine if you are working on a tight budget.


2. Primetime Amusements


Primetime Amusements is a company headquartered in the United States that has been a leading supplier of arcade machines for over 25 years. With several decades’ worth of experience in the amusement industry, they have extensive knowledge of which arcade machines work and which ones don’t.


Primetime Amusements claims to have the largest selection of boxing arcade machines available, and that certainly appears to be the case. They offer a variety of models from different manufacturers, and they also offer to customize your boxing arcade machine to fit your desired style.


Furthermore, Primetime Amusements provides very detailed descriptions of each boxing machine, which demonstrates their vast knowledge of the industry. They tell you which boxing machines are the most popular, their features, and what makes them unique from other models.


With all of the experience that Primetime Amusements possesses, as well as their long list of satisfied customers, you can’t go wrong with purchasing a boxing arcade machine from them.


primetimes' boxing arcade machine


3. Kalkomat


Kalkomat is a company based in Poland that specializes in manufacturing top-quality boxing arcade machines. Most of the boxing arcade machines available on the market today are manufactured by Kalkomat. They also have distribution centers located in the United States and United Kingdom.


Kalkomat offers a variety of boxing arcade machines that are geared towards different age groups. For example, the Boxer Dog might appeal to children, while the Boxer Sexer is intended for a more mature audience. They also offer custom-made boxing arcade machines that can suit any audience or brand, and all of their models are suitable for outdoors use.


Many customers have stated that Kalkomat has the highest-quality boxing arcade machines available, and some have even gone so far as refusing to buy from any other manufacturer. Kalkomat’s mission is to provide the best boxing arcade machines on the market, so if you want a great product but also want to save money by purchasing directly from the manufacturer, Kalkomat is a great option for you.


kalkomats' boxing arcade machine


4. BMI Gaming


BMI Gaming has been one of the world’s leading suppliers in arcade machines since 2002. They sell over 1,400 products at wholesale price, all of which can be delivered worldwide. They provide arcade boxing machines from a variety of manufacturers, including Kalkomat’s Fire Boxing Machine, and Smart Industries’ Boxer Baby and Ultima Assaulter.


The primary benefit of buying from BMI Gaming is their “lowest price guarantee”, in which they will either match or beat the lowest price of any competitor. You can also add a number of features to your boxing arcade machine for an additional price, such as prize capsules, added coin slots, and ticket dispensers. The only downside is that ordering a custom color for your boxing arcade machine will cost you extra money.


bmigaming's boxing arcade machine


5. Liberty Games


Liberty Games is a UK-based online supplier of amusement equipment that has been in operation since 2004. They are best known for supplying arcade machines for home use around the United Kingdom, but they also offer them for businesses at wholesale price.


Liberty Games supplies a total of nine different boxing arcade machines, which you can purchase with convenient financing options, if you wish. One of the boxing machines that they carry is the colorful Boxer Wheel of Boxing. It is a Wheel of Fortune themed boxing arcade machine that guarantees extra prizes through the Wheel of Fortune feature.


Liberty Games boasts a nearly five star rating, and countless customers have reported being satisfied with their purchases. This, along with the excellent customer service, lifetime tech support, and financing options they provide, is plenty reason to buy your boxing arcade machine from Liberty Games.


Liberty Games' boxing arcade machine


6. Birmingham Vending Company


Birmingham vending has been in the business of providing top-quality amusement equipment since 1931. With this many years’ worth of experience, you can be certain that they are very knowledgeable about the amusement industry. They utilize this experience by offering consultation on how to make the most of your arcade machine.


An interesting boxing arcade machine that they offer is the Andamiro Dragon Punch. The description for the Dragon Punch states that most people will have to jump to hit the punching bag, and the machine also has very attractive lighting. This machine will likely be a novel addition to any arcade.


In addition, Birmingham Vending offers discounts for bulk purchases, so it’s a good supplier to buy from if you’re looking to pick up multiple arcade machines.


Birmingham's boxing arcade machine


7. Gameroom Goodies


Gameroom Goodies is an arcade game supplier that is located in Avondale, Arizona. Reviews on the site have been overwhelmingly positive, raving about the quality of their machines and great customer service. Moreover, they have great shipping times compared to other suppliers, with most arcade machines arriving only 10-14 days after a purchase.


Gameroom Goodies carries two boxing machines: the Kalkomat Spider and the Kalkomat Glove Boxer. The Glove Boxer machine features four different game modes, and has a sleek design that is sure to catch peoples’ attention. The Spider Boxer has a unique shock absorbing system also muffles the sound of hitting the bag, and its compact size allows it to fit into tight spaces.


Even though they have a limited selection of boxing arcade machines, the fast delivery time and superb customer service make Gameroom Goodies a great choice if you’re interested in the Glover Boxer or Spider Boxer Machines.


Gameroom Goodies boxing arcade machine




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There are a number of great suppliers and manufacturers of boxing arcade machines that you can choose from. Although each supplier offers its own unique benefits–ranging from variety of selection, bulk discounts, shipping time, and customer service–all provide high-quality boxing machines at great prices. You’ll almost certainly be satisfied if you choose to purchase your boxing arcade machine from one of these seven suppliers or manufacturers.