Top 7 Arcade Manufacturers in France



Finding a good arcade manufacturer can be tough. You want to find a manufacturer that is going to deliver a quality product as well as have good games that will be great to play. Finding a good a trustworthy manufacturer is essential to running a great arcade. If you do not work with good manufacturers it can decrease the quality of games in an arcade. Finding the best manufacturers on your own is a daunting task. We have decided to put together a list of the top 7 arcade game manufacturers.



Top 7 Arcade Machine Manufacturers in France:


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1. Nicematic


Nicematic is a great manufacturer of arcades made mostly for children. If you are looking for quality children’s games to purchase this is the place. Browse from some amazing claw machine and great kiddie rides. They deliver quality and unique games that are fun for the whole family. Nicematic has been around since 1996 creating quality games and machines since then. They create quality machines that utilize colorful and unique design to provide a great gaming experience.


The game we recommend to most is the Happy Childhood carrousel. This is an amazing carrousel that allows every child to enjoy spinning around on a wonderful pony. Here is a link where you can find the carrousel:


Nicematic arcade



2. Neo-legend


Neo Legend games is on a mission to bring the best classic games right to your home. This is a great company making modern versions of all your favorite arcade games. Neo Legend handcrafts arcade games. All these products are made in France with professional reliability. This company combines the old style arcade games with a modern look that will fit right into your living room. You can have all the classic games with a modern feel. These are some amazing products made in France and with a 1- year manufacturing guarantee.


The product we recommend from Neo Legend is the Tables 80s. This is an awesome gaming machine that fits right in your living room. You can have a wide variety of classic games right in your living room. It is an amazing product and looks just like a coffee table. Take a look a the product here:


Neo-legend Arcade


3. Ma-Borne-Arcade


Ma Borne Arcade is an amazing arcade manufacturing that brings you handmade products from France. They recreate classic arcade games. Find all the classic games from Zelda to space invaders all handmade. The company has over 116 5-star reviews and is growing fast. This is the perfect spot to get a classic style arcade game made old school.


The product we recommend is the classic style. You can also purchase a bartop, XL, and destockage. You can find more product information here:




4. Cabseller


Cabseller brings a modern feel to the arcade world. It combines modern gaming adrenaline to arcade games. They make custom as well as generic gaming models. They have been featured in Rolling Stone and other magazines as seen in many high class homes. Cabseller brings a unique and modern twist to the gaming world. They have a wide variety of models available in the classic arcade style but are unique in their style. These arcade systems are primarily designed primarily for those looking for high class and stylish gaming systems that still bring you the games you desire. These are great systems to mesh with a modern home. They ship worldwide and you can have this modern and classic system anywhere.


The system and style we recommend is the Banksy. This pays tribute to the artist banksy and has a cool elegant design for any modern home. It has a classic style combined with a modern design. You can see the item here:




5. Seeben


Seeben has been around for more than 50 years bringing great arcades to everyone. Seeben is part of a large corporation in Belgium. They have been steadily growing since 1976. Seeben creates great systems manufactured in Belgium. Their products are a combination of modern and classic arcade styles. They have penny press machine, pinball machines, darts, large amusement machines, and card games. Seeben makes modern style machines that are mostly coin and money operated. Great arcade games with a wide variety of products.


The product we recommend from Seeben is the Pinball. This is done with a classic design with a cool variety of styles. This includes a need jurassic park style as well as many others. You can find more information on the pinball machine here:


seeben arcade


6. Laigames


Lai Games is an amazing modern game manufacturer. They have a small environmental footprint and bring a modern style to the classic arcade games. They are coming out with great new products such as one that utilizes virtual reality. Their website is filled with amazing testimonials from satisfied customers. Their machines would be perfect for someone looking for a modern style arcade game. They have a wide variety of products available including: prize vending, photo booth, action games, and video games. They include great modern arcade games like stacker and hypershoot. Lai Games is an amazing manufacturer for anyone looking for modern arcade games.


The system we recommend from Lai Games is their new and innovative arcade game called Virtual Rabbits. This is an awesome game which brings the feeling of a roller coaster into a game utilizing virtual reality. You can find more information on this amazing new product here:


Laigames arcade


7. Capcom


Capcom delivers you some of the most classic games from the golden age of arcade gaming. It has a versatile, lightweight and compact system that includes some of the best games of all time. The capcom system is simply a plug and play. It allows for single and multiplayer gaming utilizing a system the same size as a keyboard! You only need to plug it into a monitor or television and get to playing. The system includes some classic games such as: Dart Machine, Final Fight, Street Fighter 2, Alien vs. Predator, Captain Commando, and Eco Fighters. You can find information about the product here:


Capcom arcade




These are all some great manufacturers to choose from when looking into arcade games. You can’t go wrong with any of them. They all offer some unique and high quality products that will bring you joy while you game. You simply need to decide what type of gaming you want to do and the style you are looking for and the list will provide you with the best manufacturer.


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