Games of strength and power have existed long before the digital arcade. Where people strolling through a traveling carnival might have swung a hammer to ring a bell atop column, now we can punch a target and exactly measure the force of impact. Folks looking for easy, competitive fun have been testing their strength and agility for as long as games have existed.


    This is what makes boxing arcade machines so attractive as an investment for a gaming space. Just about everyone understands how it works and can draw satisfaction from seeing just how hard they punch. Add the element of competition in there, and you’ll have people going round after round to break the high score.

    There is a massive variety in boxing arcade machines. Manufacturers and wholesalers often feature dozens of various options geared towards specific players and spaces. It can thus be hard to pick a machine that will work best for you.


    Moreover, while the variety is wide, most offer machines made from a single manufacturer. Thus, you will often see the same list of games over and over. This leads to not just a lack of unique gaming experiences but also high prices as one or two companies corner the market.


    This is where NeoFuns offers a wonderful solution. We create their own unique machines with distinct, modern designs that are unlike anything else. For thousands of dollars less, you can have a quality boxing machine that will stand out from the rest.


    NeoFuns also offers superb 24-hour customer support, via chat, email, and phone. We offer detailed guides to their packing and shipping and will work with you to fulfill any of your boxing game needs.

    First and foremost, buying from any manufacturer skips the middle man which always gives you a better price. You avoid the seller’s profit margin and instead go straight to the source where you are also more likely to get better customer service.


    Additionally, because NeoFuns is a Chinese manufacturer, labor and overhead are far cheaper than in most other countries. Neofuns can thus afford to build wonderful, award-winning machines and sell them at affordable prices.

    Boxing Arcade Machines can bring in profits like no other arcade game. Thanks to its competitive nature, extremely quick gameplay, and natural replay ability, one can expect up to 300 purchases per day on average. For an arcade or game room with high traffic this number can rise significantly. Depending on your own pricing, these games can easily become your biggest money-maker.

    Though it is certainly old fashioned, there is no reason a boxing arcade machine can’t be modern and exciting. On the contrary, thanks to companies like NeoFuns, the modern punching bag game can become the biggest draw in the game room. Our engaging designs, affordable prices, and superb customer service makes it an easy decision when it come time to invest in this classic game.