Where to Buy the Best Boxing Arcade Machine?

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The boxing machine may be the most classic and traditional of all arcade games. Sometimes known as a punching machine, it goes back to the original test-your-strength style challenges that existed long before digital technology. Where you once swung a giant hammer down onto a pressure plate to ring a bell, you can now punch a cushioned pad and see your strength measured in real-time.


Not all boxing arcade machines are created equal. The only way of assuring quality in your game is to find the best wholesalers and manufacturers. This article lists some of the most well-respected providers of punching machines and arcade games in the world. We have organized it by country so that buyers can get in touch with the most convenient sellers for their businesses.



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What makes NeoFuns unique as a manufacturer besides their award-wining designs is their dedication to customer service. The profiles for every product feature extensive photos and information on their specs and even a detailed guide to how they pack and ship. They have 24-hour customer service in the form of email, phone and online chat via their website. The tech-support will even chat through video to get clarification on a problem.




NeoFuns is famous for their unique takes on classic games. Their Ultimate Big Redemption Machine is one of the most stylish, modern designs that money can buy. With eye-catching colors and a cabinet that looks nothing like its competitors, NeoFuns has created a punching machine that’s their very own. The Big Redemption features the typical strength measuring game as well as a ticket dispenser and a unique prize-out system that gives players a canned beverage for beating the high score. The Big Redemption is for those who want the traditional game with a modern system and fresh-looking cabinet.


You can easily inquire with NeoFuns about pricing and shipping through the following webpage.


dragon fist 3 boxing arcade machine


The United States


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Primetime Amusements


Primetime Amusements is one of the best arcade game suppliers in the world. They are a perfect business partner for new and veteran arcade owners alike. With a massive selection of games, robust customer service, and a consulting and design program, they can help you through the whole process of putting together your gaming space.


Their wide selection of boxing arcade machines reflects their stellar reputation. They have 23 distinct and well-designed punching machines to choose from. Each game comes with a unique design that ranges from basic gameplay to more complicated features.


Consider the Boxer Dog if you’re looking to appeal to children and keep the game simple. The outside case is a goofy cartoon dog that’s friendly and inviting. If you want a slight upgrade, look at the Boxer Dragon which has the more intimidating and adult, dragon design. For every punch, the “safe smoke” is activated and pours over the player as if the dragon is breathing fire above them.


If you’re more interested in wider gameplay, then consider the Boxer Combo Prize and the Kickboxer – Boxing and Soccer Game. Both have added a ball at foot level for players to test their kicking strength as well as their punches. If that’s not enough, and you want to foster true competition, then machines like the Boxer Dynamic or the Boxer Glove are what you’re looking for. The Boxer Dynamic has 4 different game modes: Power, Speed, Reflex, and Tournament. The multiplayer tournament mode can handle up to 6 players for a real competition. There is also a free-play mode as well as an “unbreakable record setting.”


Games like the Boxer Prize 1 and 2, Boxer Mask, and Boxer Surprise come specially equipped with prize features which instantly reward players with an appropriate prize for their score. Meanwhile, Mocap Boxer will actually put you in a digital fight in which you have to dodge, weave and throw punches at an opponent to win.


Each cabinet from Primetime Amusements in brightly colored and beautifully designed. The wide range in features and game play means there is a big spectrum of prices. You will likely have to pay at least $5,000 to $6000 for a solid machine.


primetime boxing arcade machine




Home Game Room


Home Game Room is one of North America’s best providers of arcade machines. They are dedicated to good customer service, are family-owned and operated and have over 25 years of experience under their belts. Furthermore, much like Primetime Amusements the sheer size of their catalog is incredible at 22 different punching machines.


Like Primetime Amusements, Home Game Room provides punching machines from Kalkomat which means they share several items in their catalog. However, some of the boxing games unique to Home Game Room include the iFight-Interactive Fighting Machine which features a boxing bag instead of the traditional pressure plate. Players cycle through a series of opponents that require punching, kicking, and combos to get the high score. It’s almost a full wrestling machine that forces players to use their strength, agility, and instinct to win.


There is also the iBoxer Striptease, an adult-themed punching machine that’s designed for pubs, clubs, and bars. The adult design fuses the classic boxing machine dynamic of testing strength with an erotic nightlife tone that fits into any raucous party.


The Boxer Cash Prize game allows owners to fill capsules with cash prizes for anyone willing to pay and punch hard enough to win. It features 4 game modes: Strength, Speed, Reflex, and Tournament which can handle 6 competitors. There is the Ultima Assaulter which challenges players with 3 different digital opponents who react to the strength of the hit and will allow people to compete in a tournament mode


Much like their competitor Primetime Amusements, all machines tend to be around $4,500 to $6,000 for a great game. However, Home Game Room features some of the more high-tech models in the iBoxer series for under $5000.


homegameroom boxing arcade machine


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The United Kingdom


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Liberty Games


As a major wholesaler Liberty Games has some of the lowest prices available, especially for customers in the UK. Additionally, unique to Liberty Games are the financing options for those who can’t throw down thousands of dollars just yet. Even better, they have free delivery on all machines for those in Great Britain and will install the game for you. They also provide 90-day returns. They have a friendly support team that’s easy to contact through the website.


With a great selection of Kalkomat punching machines, some of the games that make Liberty unique are the 3D Boxing Arcade Machine and the Cube Sticker Boxing Arcade Machine. 3D Boxing is made with all the classic features a traditional boxing arcade machine. It comes at an amazing price of under $4,700 dollars for a well-made game. The Cube Sticker is also a cheap yet well-built classic boxing machine at just above $4,500 that features a lightening design to stand-out in any game room.


libertygames boxing arcade machine



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Kalkomat is located in Krakow, Poland with a location in the U.K. They are responsible for making the majority of punching machines on the market. The benefits of dealing with the manufacturer is that you get your machines from the source. This often means more comprehensive service, repair and part replacement. It can also mean better prices on games as they are not marked up for a wholesaler’s profits. Depending on the location, shipping and packaging is often done better with little to no space between when the machine was made and when it reaches you. You’re guaranteed a brand-new and well-priced game.


Kalkomat obviously features a great selection of machines that have already been listed in this article. However, what makes buying from their own catalog so unique is that you can have a custom design. With basic strength-testing features in a normal box cabinet, you can choose the look and feel of your machine. If you want something basic and not flashy, the “Glove White” design is perfect. If you want to wow customers with something gaudy, the “Mask Italodisco” or “Fire Comix” will do the trick.


kalkomat boxing arcade machine






Videotronicsuk specializes in used and refurbished arcade machines. Unlike previous sellers, they do not center on having a massive catalog with a team of customer service professionals and tech-support gurus. Instead, they focus on one thing: selling high-quality used games for truly unbelievable prices. Because they only sell what comes to them in good condition, their stock is constantly changing. They are a great way to get outside the Kalkomat bubble if you want a different brand. They also sell parts and electronics at cheaper prices and are willing to sell and ship around the world.


Currently, their selection is quite limited, but the items are exciting, nonetheless. The Jakar Matrix Boxer is your typical strength testing game with a bright LED screen that features animations and scores in a vintage style. The cabinet is thin and decorated with lighting decals to draw the eye. At under $1000 dollars, it’s must for anyone looking for a machine that’s different, simple and cheap.


There is also the Mini Kids Boxing game which has a sleek modern look and 4 separate punching targets. In the artistic style of the Nintendo Wii, kids test their strength against a digital boxer on a high-quality LCD screen. Underneath, the screen is a colorful LED display and a small white cabinet. A machine that would normally be several thousands of dollars is only around $3,400. The Final Round Video Boxing Machine does something similar with an older software, bigger cabinet, and vintage video screen for less then $2000.


The Dawpol Boxer Machine is a bulky but beautiful game that tests strength at only $860, while the traditional Jakar machine does the same on a smaller scale for around $600.


With an everchanging catalog, you are guaranteed to find a perfectly refurbished machine for jaw-dropping prices.
 Videotronicsuk boxing arcade machine





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Kicker is gaming company that specializes in sports tabletop and arcade games. While their specialty is Foosball, they have a wonderful punching machine available. Kicker features a clean and well-designed catalog of games and great customer service. They keep their business model simple in order to stay great at what they do best. They will sell and ship anywhere around the world and modify their orders as needed.


Their featured game is the WIK Boxing Arcade Game which has several high-quality features for a fraction of the normal price. With large cabinet and an extra-shock absorbent target, WIK is built to last. It comes with 4 standard games and will support competitions between up to 6 players at a time. Additionally, it features a vibrant flame design that will stick out in the game room. All of this is available for just under $3,200 which is a price that’s hard to find anywhere else.


Kicker boxing arcade machine



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Kriss-Sport is a Polish company specializing in interactive sports arcade games. With 12 years in the business they have built an excellent reputation for high quality machines that stand out for their modern design that redefines how a boxing machines should feel. They have a dedicated tech-support department and a small team that’s easy to get in touch with.


While Kriss-Sport has a few different selections in styles we have previously mentioned, their most popular item is worth a closer look. The Multiplayer Boxer Arcade Game is Kriss-Sports’ take on the typical punching machine with multiplayer tournament modes testing strength through 5 separate games. The machines themselves are beautifully crafted and stand-out in a market saturated with Kalkomat’s louder designs. The games feature a sleek and bright LCD screen which displays the score and “Wheel of Luck” mode where the losers of the tournament are punished by a random selection of options.


kriss sport boxing arcade machine



E-Commerce Sites


All Ecommerce sites act as middlemen between the buyer and seller. They typically have great customer service, conflict resolution, and fantastic prices. That said, issues of quality, game types, tech-support, and repair must be taken up with the manufacturer or seller. Sometimes spare parts are available through their profiles.



ebay arcade

eBay will always have a constantly shifting catalog of punching machines that are only available for short periods of time and must be bid for or bought straight-up at a higher price.


Currently, eBay has a Jakar Matrix for only $875 as well as a Jakar Kickboxing combo football machine for $3,120 as a few examples of what is available. What you most often find through eBay are previously mentioned models that have been refurbished or resold as used. Quality can vary, as can the trustworthiness of the seller. However, the ability to bid means you can get a machine that might normally be several thousands of dollars for next-to-nothing.



alibaba arcade

Much like Amazon, Alibaba is an online market place that facilitates sales between buyers and sellers. In this case, Alibaba sells NeoFuns Big Redemption. If, for some reason, you cannot buy directly from NeoFuns’ manufacturing facility, Alibaba is an excellent way to have access to their products.


As we previously mentioned, the Big Redemption is a superb machine that stands-out above most other brands. Alibaba makes it easy to buy and receive at an incredibly reasonable price of $1,923.



indiamart arcade

Indiamart is in the same vain as Amazon and Alibaba on a smaller scale and based in India rather than the U.S. or China. They will offer great prices and direct access to the manufacturer.


Currently, they offer the High Punch Arcade Game which is a very basic but well-crafted punching machine. The cabinet is made from metal and wood and encases a simple single-player game measuring punching strength. With great sounds, LED lights, and gift and ticketing options, it’s extremely well priced at under $800 each. That said there is a minimum purchase requirement of 2 per customer.




The variety of boxing arcade machines on offer is mind-boggling. We have come a long way since the first score-keeping punching bags. With so many options, it’s important to take the time to assess what your space needs and how the machine will change the tone of the game room. A bar or club owner might want to visit Home Game Room for their adults only option. A sporting event should check out Primetime Amusements Boxing and Soccer game. While someone looking for stand-out design, but a traditional game will want to take a good look at NeoFuns’ Big Redemption. Whatever you choose, if you stick to this list, you will have bought a superb product from a reliable company.