6 Best Wholesale Basketball Arcade Machine Suppliers in 2019



What follows is a list of six the world’s best wholesale providers of basketball arcade games. These big names are known for their quality and leadership in the arcade industry. We will articulate what makes each wholesaler and manufacturer unique and the benefits of partnering with them.


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Why You Should Choose a Big-Name Arcade Company:


The 6 Best Wholesale Basketball Arcade Game Suppliers in 2019



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After decades of decline, the arcade market is making a comeback. At the turn of the new millennium home consoles were taking over the entire gaming market. Arcades, even with exclusive titles, unique platforms, and classic vintage games could not keep up.


However, as Generation X and Millennials have come into adulthood, the age of nostalgia and appreciation for the old has led to the revival of multiple dying industries.


The rise in arcades has led to a boom in not just video game systems but also classic staples like basketball games. Unlike other platforms in the arcade world, basketball games let people have a more tangible experience, are simple for anyone to pick up, and add physical activity that offers a refreshing break from button-mashing and screens.


It should come as no surprise then that their market has grown with the revival of arcade experiences and the variety of style, brand, and quality is broad.


When looking for a good arcade basketball game, first look into what you are willing to spend. If the budget is tight, you won’t want to invest in a large four-hoop unit with all the bells and whistles. Instead, a smaller single-hoop with a simple LED screen and solid frame should suffice. You could spend anywhere between a couple thousand dollars to breaking 20,000 or more depending on what you’re looking for.


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Additionally, the quality will fluctuate a lot with price. More expensive units will have more features like light displays, game choices, sounds, intricate designs and better materials. The lower end of the spectrum could just be a solid backboard, small LED score display, and some netting. Again, asses your needs before jumping in.


There are also several brands to choose from. Many manufactures make their own basketball games, and these will have a unique character and features. Wholesalers will have a wide variety of options from NBA licensed games to brands that cater specifically to small children or video game lovers. The options are endless and knowing what will work best in your space or with your image will help whittle it down.


What follows is a list of six the world’s best wholesale providers of basketball arcade games. These big names are known for their quality and leadership in the arcade industry. We will articulate what makes each wholesaler and manufacturer unique and the benefits of partnering with them.



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Why You Should Choose a Big-Name Arcade Company?


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1. Each of these companies has existed for several years and even decades. Companies like Sega existed before and during the rise, decline, and resurrection of the arcade industry. They will know without a doubt what makes for a great basketball game as well as the logistics and customer service that will keep you and your arcade happy.


2. These companies are famous and big for a reason. They earned it with quality and good reputations. When dealing with any business transaction you want to know that the people on the other end are trustworthy and good at what they do. This is pretty much assured with a big-name provider. They have a massive list of partners that can vouch for them.


3. These companies have defined the industry. No one can say that a company like Sega is a little guy following trends. The big names are the one’s setting the tone, creating the designs, and changing the way things are done while all others follow.


4. Quality assurance is the most tangible reason to be dealing with the major companies. Again, they are as big and well-known as they are because their products were consistent, durable, and fun to play. They have also mastered what makes a good machine for any arcade.


For years, these companies have designed and sold to every kind of customer and they will likely be able to match any request whether you are a building an arcade in a corner of rec-room or massive multi-floor barcode.


5. Finally, and most important for anyone running a business, it is almost always cheaper to deal with the original manufacturers and major wholesalers. A small indie company will mark up from their own costs and for their profits from purchases with the bigger wholesalers and manufactures.


In buying anything for a business, cutting out the middle man will always help the bottom line. Again, go to the source and avoid being overcharged for services that you could likely do without.



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The 6 Best Wholesale Basketball Arcade Game Suppliers in 2019


1. Sega


sega logo


Anyone and everyone with interests in gaming knows Sega. They are legendary in the industry and have existed in the entertainment world since the 1940s. Over the decades, they have evolved to be a major player in every aspect of the gaming industry from early slot machines to arcades and home consoles. Today, they remain a giant and their name is synonymous with quality and reliability.


sega basketball arcade machine


A quick look through their basketball gaming catalog reveals a wide spectrum of exciting options. From a massive three-hoop system to officially licensed NBA games and a single-hoop featuring Sonic, Sega’s famous mascot. Furthermore, they have a used system market that is frequently updated and can lead to great deals on a basketball arcade machine for those willing to deal with an older machine for a cheaper price.


Sega’s technical support is robust. They employ engineers who can guide those onsite so they can deal with any issues. Even better, they have a repair and return service that can be utilized when a resolution cannot be found remotely. Sega also makes it easy to contact them via email or phone. Operation manuals, spare parts and pieces, and shipping information are a breeze to download or buy.


2. Universal Space


unis logo


Universal Space is a manufacturer based in China that has been around since 1993. Over the years, they have rapidly expanded and do business in over 60 different countries. They have become known as a big up-and-coming developer and while their catalog is small compared to some, they are of high quality and expanding.


Since they are not wholesaler dealing with other companies, they feature only what they make. At the moment they only have one basketball arcade game available that they call Extreme Shot. However, it features a sleek design, high quality materials like a chain net for the hoop, as well as an eye-catching exterior. Furthermore, it can be linked up to as many as 18 units for those seeking a truly enormous set-up.


unis basketball arcade machine


There are different technical support offices depending on whether you are in North America or an international customer. Manuals are easily accessible for download via their main website and their North American site. Spare parts are available by special request via an email form. All their products are made in a brand new 134,000 square foot facility in China.


3. BMI Gaming


bmigaming logo


BMI Gaming started in the U.S. in 2002 and quickly became one of the biggest and most used wholesale gaming companies in the world. Though they are newer to the game then others, they have built a great reputation. Because they are a wholesaler, they feature a wide variety of basketball arcade machine options that can fit any need.


BMI’s specialty is in developing, planning, and even remodeling entertainments centers. These range from amusement parks, arcades, and game rooms. They take into consideration the variety of spaces and ideas that one might have for their arcades and work to provide the best games and designs based on the buyer’s needs. They have grown rapidly over the years and do business in 120 different countries across the globe.


bmigaming basketball arcade machine


They make technical support, repair, and customer service easy through their website. Their selection and specialization in building up viable entertainment centers means they will be great for newcomers. The featured basketball arcade games will give you the options you need and good spectrum of prices and features.


4. Primetime Amusements


primetime logo


Founded in 1992 in South Florida, Primetime Amusements is a staple in the arcade industry. They are a wholesaler that can confidently boast of an expanding list of reputable companies that have used their products with everyone from ESPN to Ritz-Carlton. They go above and beyond most wholesalers with a wide range of services.


Customers can buy both new, used and refurbished machines. They also rent out their games for those looking for a temporary purchase or just something to try. Furthermore, they feature a consulting service that looks to help any newbies to the gaming industry. They will assist in all aspects and logistics of getting started in the arcade business.


primetime basketball arcade machine

Their market for basketball arcade games is huge and diverse. They have products that range from NBA branded four-hoops, basketball games for smaller children, and they even feature a fully customizable kit if you want a basketball game with your own brand and specifications. Their manuals are easy to access while tech-support can be reached via phone and email. Additionally, they feature troubleshooting guides for quick fixes.


Primetime Amusements is ideal for anyone new to the industry who is looking to dip their toes in the water.


5. NeoFuns


neofuns logo111


NeoFuns is a Chinese manufacturer that has been developing and growing since 2003. Since they began, they have been winning awards for their products and designs. This includes their basketball game Shooting Hoops which was given a Gold Award in the industry. Unlike most manufacturers which might feature a single basketball arcade game, NeoFuns has 4 great and unique designs available.


neofuns basketball arcade machine


What makes NeoFuns particularly unique as a manufacturer however is their dedication to customer service. The profiles for every product feature extensive photos and information on their specs and even a detailed guide to how they pack and ship.


They have 24-hour customer service in the form of email, phone and online chat via their website. The technical support is highly involved and will even chat through video to get clarification on a problem. Spare parts and manuals are simple to access and will be provided as soon as problems arise. Beacause of the production from china, so their basketball arcade machine for sale cheap.


With excellent designs and a focus on customer service NeoFuns is a wonderful manufacturer for those looking to buy straight from the source.


6. Liberty Games


libertygames logo


Liberty Games began in 1989 under the name Liberty Leisure and primarily focused on renting out coin operated machines. However, after undergoing a few changes, they decided to focus on wholesaling and quickly became the largest amusement purveyor in the UK market. Their products have been featured all over British media and they have a high reputation for innovative and quality products.


libertygames basketball arcade machine


They feature 5 single-hoop basketball games, all with distinct styles from flashy and bright to simple and toned down. As a major wholesaler they have some of the lowest prices available, especially for customers in the UK. Additionally, unique to Liberty Games are the financing options for those who can’t throw down thousands of dollars just yet.


Even better, they have free delivery on all machines for those in Great Britain and will install the game for you. They also provide 90-day returns. They have a friendly support team that is easy to contact through the website.


While Liberty Games features great service and prices for international customers, they are an absolute must for buyers in the UK.


Each of these companies leads the pack when it comes to their ability to provide excellent basketball arcade games. They all approach their business a little differently. Some emphasize their customer service, while others focus on variety of products or their ability provide consultations. It’s important to look into each one to find which best suits your needs.


Someone in the UK will undeniably want to check out Liberty Games for their benefits and great service while a newcomer to the industry could benefit from Primetime’s rentals and consulting. However, all of them provide superb products and their basketball games are second to none in the industry. Choosing any of these six will result in a fantastic product, great technical support and fair prices.


Happy Hunting!