Regardless of whether you are running a massive arcade, looking to spice up a storefront, or add some fun in a bar or restaurant, the claw machine draws just about everyone. With its familiar prize system and tricky gameplay, the claw machine is an exciting addition to any space. Furthermore, you can customize your prizes to fit any context.


The claw machine is immediately recognizable around the world. Where many arcade games require a learning curve, the claw machine makes its gameplay obvious from the get-go. Moreover, it can be highly challenging, meaning that as people try again and again, you can expect high profits for a small initial investment.


Choosing the right claw machine for your space can seem like an impossible task. However, by paying attention to your own needs and looking beyond the usual wholesalers, you can find the perfect, most cost-effective machine your needs.

Claw machines are some of the simplest arcade games you can buy. Though the variety of designs is endless, they all operate in the same fundamental way. Each claw machine has a main compartment filled with prizes. The player inserts the coins and uses a joystick or buttons to control a claw.

The player aims for a specific prize and moves the claw into just the right place before they then try to snatch it up. If they miss, the claw comes up empty-handed. If they succeed, the claw grabs the prize and delivers it to the player. It’s that easy.

Finding a high-quality claw machine at a great price is a chore. You often have to sacrifice one for the other. However, NeoFuns is a one of the few companies that have managed to find a sweet spot between price and good design. With great 24-hour customer service, a wide selection, and detailed guides to their shipping and handling, NeoFuns is superb choice for any buyer.

First and foremost, NeoFuns is a manufacturer and buying straight from the source is often far cheaper than going through a middle man. Furthermore, NeoFuns is located in China where the costs of labor and overhead are far cheaper than most countries. NeoFuns can thus afford to sell their quality machines at incredibly reasonable prices.

NeoFuns is not just a perfect option for a tight budget. We have incredible customer service that can accessed through multiple mediums. Through email, chat, and phone, NeoFuns offers 24-hour support and will work with every customer to meet their needs.  


Even more, when it comes to claw machines, NeoFuns has up to 24 specific options and growing. This means you are virtually guaranteed to find a vibrant design that works just for you. While many manufacturers will often rehash the same design, NeoFuns make each cabinet unique and interesting.

One thing you should certainly avoid in shopping for a great claw machine is the used market. Unlike most arcade games, the moving parts and mechanics of the claw machine are fragile and difficult to repair. Thus, used machines are often more trouble than they are worth. Their quality is low, and they won’t come with any kind of warranty or guarantee.

Unlike most arcade games, the claw machine is almost a sure bet to draw in players. The prize box alone will attract people over to the gaming space and the difficult gameplay will keep people trying. When it comes time to buy, you will likely not find a better deal or more interesting designs then at NeoFuns. We are second to none in both customer satisfaction and interesting, high quality designs. Do not hesitate to check them out.