Tip on how to increase amusement park business

If you have wondered:


How to increase more people for amusement park rides?


How to double my amusement park business?


What’s the way to increase the amusement park business?


Well, today we’ll reveal useful tip on increase amusement park business.

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The tip is to Cooperate with Associated shops


Associated shops can be divided into the following two kinds.


1.Restaurant and clothing store near the Children’s playground  


We could promote and share the customer source with these shops to attract new customers.


2.Health club, beauty institutions


The purpose is to exchange customer resources, Through the sponsorship of the way to promote cooperation.



How to cooperate with Associated shops?


The customer with the membership card of Associated shops (For instance, kids clothing and toy store) can enjoy a 20% discount in your amusement park.


We could also send a promotional page or send a discount card to the local kindergarten.


It is best to ask the child’s parents to accompany kids to play amusement park rides.


This way can improve the enthusiasm of kids, an amusement park can help kindergarten enrollment expand students.

And we can improve the park popularity, expand the customer base, attract more parents for membership cards.

Well, that’s the tip on how to increase amusement park business and If you are interested in Amusement rides, carnival rides please visit our website( for more information.


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