How to promote your arcade game place?



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1. Choose the right arcade game operation place


2. Master the correct promotion skills


    A. Launch the simple and effective promotion activities

    B. Understand and be skilled in using of network promotion means



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As we all know, sales, marketing, operation, and promotion are four different concepts. They have many similarities, but in essence they are vastly different.


The purpose of sales is to sell products or services.


The purpose of marketing is to create a market.


The purpose of operation is to improve the customer experience.


The purpose of promotion is to increase the number of customers.


These 4 factors are closely related to the game hall or arcade game place, just like a computer does not work for lack of display, host, mouse and keyboard.


After mastering the operation of the arcade game place, we will focus on the promotion methods of arcade game place.


Why is the customer flow so small in my game hall?


Analyze briefly this question, and clear answers are obtained.


1. Poor location of the place


2. Poor popularity


3. Lack of effective promotion activities


The above is the fundamental cause of the very low customer flow. It is also the problem that the businessmen have not increase the turnover in the operation place. Let’s analyze detailed these issues and give the right solutions.




1. Choose the right arcade game operation place


how to choose right arcade games place


According to big data analysis of Neofuns and sample survey of global customers, it is found that arcade game hobbyists, normal players of arcade game and ordinary people rarely have to go directly to the game hall for the purpose of playing arcade game machines.


It is come to a conclusion from the above. When you choosing the operation place, should choose the bustling downtown area where the passengers gather, shopping centers, cinemas, places of residence where people gather, and scenic spots. There is a good customer flow in these places.


A. Bustling downtown area


The bustling downtown is one of the best places for arcade game place. People usually go to shopping malls, supermarkets, shopping centers, cinemas. There is a huge customer flow in there. Also many people come out to relax after work or study, and then they see these game halls and go into entertainment for a while.


B. Shopping center


Whether it is a shopping mall or a supermarket, whether it is holiday or not, people always go to these places to buy some food materials or daily supplies. People with their children go shopping, and the children always play the game when they see these game machines.


C. Cinema


They must come to entertainment if they go to the cinema. According to the survey, if a game hall is opened next to the cinema, or vending machines and claw machines are placed in the passage of the cinema, 60% movie-watchers would play the games. So, one of the clients cooperated with us, a boss of the chain game halls from UK, he would open one chain store where cinema is opened.


D. Place of residence where people gather


The place of residence where people gather is also a good place for game machines. If there are many people, it will be a good crowded place. But there is no sense for the arcade game place where people were away from.


E. Famous tourist sites


The scenic spot is a good place for people gathering, and the smart businessmen places a lot of arcade game machines which are closely related to the scenic spot. For example, coin press machine that scenic spot is printed on the coin. Every tourist wants to have souvenirs after leaving the scenic spot, so these vending machines would be very eye-catching scenes.


The above are the places where the businessmen pay attention to when choosing the operation place. Some businessmen have a question. The locations do not meet the above requirements, and there are not enough fees for moving, what should they do? Let’s go to the next question, the topic of promotion.


2. Master the correct promotion skills


This topic can not only solve the above problems of the businessmen, but also it is a way to increase the popularity. It also combined with effective means of promotion activities. Many businessmen devoted all their energy to the operations after choosing the suitable operation places. This may not be the wrong choice, but it is not the most effective business strategy.


A. Launch the simple and effective promotion activities


Handing out leaflets may not be the most effect means of promotion, but it is the simplest means of promotion and can quickly see the effects.


Cooperate with merchants to launch some large-scale promotional activities. You don’t pay a lot of money for your activities alone. You only need to have a smart enough idea and persuade other merchants to do it together. It can not only attract more customers, but also save a lot of activity funds. Even this activity doesn’t bring you great effects at this time, but more and more players will know the game hall.


A customer in Florida of USA has share a promotion case with us. He said that his game hall was opened in an old street. At that time, there were a lot of stores there, so he thought it would be a good business place.


old street


After a period of time, the business effect was not as good as he had thought. After inquiring frequently, he known that it was a very old street where the stores were all decades of old. And most of the stores are their own houses, so the bosses don’t worry about high rents. Many tourists and residents around here do not often go shopping.


This customer was very upset after finding out this problem and felt that he was about to fail. Just then a young man who was not a player walked into the game hall, and talked about some cooperation. This young man was the owner of new tea shop that was opposite to his store. This time he came to him and wanted to cooperate with him to launch a promotion activity.


This young man also discovered that the old street has been forgotten by people. He hoped to reawaken the memory of the street by his own designed activities. So he walked through all the stores in the street and persuaded all store owners to join him. Tell the news to people by posting a notice in the bulletin board, handing out leaflets and publishing activities information on social media. The contents of activity: Anyone who purchases the voucher of 50 dollars in the old street can enjoy the services of all the stores for free.


My customer agreed with this activity completely after carefully reviewing his plan, so he and the young people lobbied the businessmen to join them.


After finishing the activity, all the merchants must have not made any money, and each merchant has suffered a lot of losses. But the impact of this activity is not over. More and more people start to go to the old street and more and more people know about this street. My customer recovered all the investment in the old street within half a year. And the old street is very popular and has become a well-known tourist spot.


Cooperate with some merchants with more customer flow, different from the above story.


The customers often use this method. The game hall is located not far from the cinema which is a well-known one in a large shopping mall. So he found the person in charge of the cinema and unconditionally sent 5 game coins to each customer who bought the movie ticket. The person in charge of the cinema definitely agreed with this activity because they can also attract more customers through this gimmick.


Soon, when people finished watching the movie, they would go the game hall. Because many customers would want to spend 5 coins and then left. But they started to play the games, and they simply can’t stop, so they would go to buy more game coins. So you should plan effective promotional activities for unexpected gains.


B. Understand and be skilled in using of network promotion means


The speed of network communication is the fastest in the 21st century. So you should learn to network promotional skills.


First, register your game place on some well-known merchant review websites, for example: There are many other merchant review websites, and you should register as much information as possible about your game places. It spends small money for good users’ comments which are written by someone. Otherwise, when people see your game hall information on some websites, they don’t know whether it is worth going.


The social promotion mentioned in the last story is the most popular promotional method on the Internet. It is recommended that every businessman should use facebook, twitter, linkedin, YouTube skillfully. These social tools can help you get many fans. If regularly update the dynamics of your game hall, more benefits will be obtained.


Here, the focus is YouTube. Many businessmen have own YouTube account and thought they could get a lot of fans, but the result is just the opposite.


If you want to get a lot of fans by constantly shooting your videos in your game hall, and increase the popularity of your game hall, it is impossible. Because the videos are not attractive, the audience is too narrow.


You should find a YouTube talent in the entertainment industry, and a YouTube talent who is only related to entertainment is not in the arcade game industry. The talent promotes your game hall by his huge fans. Soon there will be a lot of fans coming here.


Here there is a case of US customer. He is the most loyal partner of our company. There are almost all of our products in his game hall, and his game hall is also our brand, Neofuns arcade.



In fact, our products have a high reputation in the world, and then he hired a lot of YouTube talents to promote the products, whom is familiar to, such as Lyssy Noel,Craniacs,The Crane Couple. They all have hundreds of thousands of fans, which is helpful for increasing the brand popularity. As for the price of hiring these people, I believe you can get a satisfied price.


Now there is a short video software of Tiktok that has been hot in every country all over the world. If want to get more customers as early as possible, hurry up.


The above is some promotional ways for arcade game places, and hope to bring more inspiration.




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