How to operate the claw machine?

Why claw machines are so popular, have been rated as a profiteering business? Actually, that is not. Only a few can do it. At present,due to competitive pressures,even if some experienced experts has little profit, the others, who lack of training and do not know amusement industry so that only can not continue on for a year or 6 month.


At present, China has 20 million units of coin-operated equipment, 2 million units of claw machines, coin flow of 300 billion yuan. What’s more , the number of crane machine is still growing at a rate of more than 20% per year. The target population is large. On one hand, crane machine cleverly take advantage of people’s fragmented time in the modern fast-paced life of society; on the other hand, they care for psychological needs that win the game’s sense of accomplishment. Consequently, there is a huge market in amusement industry. Someone want to do but do not how to operate claw machine amusement center. Now the tips about location points are coming.


First of all, we need to do a market research and information collection, including population, economic level, spending power, income levels, the proportion of age and business district and development space.


Secondly, making an assessment of the property in different locations, including the flow of people, customer spending power, visibility, convenience and other considerations, it is necessary for us to understand the marketing price, area division, infrastructure and property support on the basis of estimated turnover, and finally determine whether it is appropriate.
Finally, the retail investment is a risk, but also can bring high-yield decision-making, we should pay more attention to the market, consider the level of return on investment and long-term stable income, only in this way can we effectively control the risk.

Part 1: commercial plaza, supermarkets and shopping plaza

1, Various types video arcade and children’s paradise: those place must have prize vending machine;

2, Shopping malls import and export channel: are the only way to maximize exposure and attract people’s attention;

3, Restaurants, beverage shop and other places: which make good use of people fragmented time when line up for dining;

4, the initial development of the integrated business circle: popularity is growing rapidly in a short period of time and easy to win cooperation benefits at early.


Part 2: schools and large-scale residential areas near the hotel

The junior or high school and the University City leisure area can be put claw machines; hotel lobby can also be placed to provide customers with a leisure and entertainment.


Part 3: places where people must shop in passing or shelter.

There is a need for special care and place of service for such venues.


Part 4: pedestrian street

The rent of pedestrian street shop is too high, should not put claw machines, but the middle of the pedestrian street or shop and store gap between the relatively will be relatively low, and pedestrian traffic flow are so larger that both passers-by are able to pay attention to the claw machines.


Part 5: Cinema, KTV, sports center, club, internet bar

Claw machine in this kind of venue is a subsidiary for self-help operation, personal investment can be considered in cooperation with the cinema. KTV, sports center, club, internet bar and other places belong to secondary project, do not profit core.

Of course, the part of this market can not be ignored, which need to see how individuals operate. Compared to other venues for this entry threshold is higher,  if you have set up own KTV, Internet bar and other venues, may bring a few claw machines to operate.


If you are just entering or want to enter the amusement industry, it is recommended to remember principles about step by step: lofty high rise from the ground.After a while with the accumulation of experience and then expand the scale is the best choice.