How to operate the prize vending machine business?

Gift machines have settled in the shopping malls, cinemas, and another commercial pedestrian street. It is convenience time and space that gift machine expansion has great achievements. Gift machine has almost become a shopping mall standard. Then how to do the gift machine business?The following elements for reference:


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1. Follow the principle of fairness


Former players cannot get gifts as much as possible from shopping malls. But, if the probability of a gift is too low, which will inevitably let the players lose interest. So we should ensure that the basis of profit and make the guests catch the gift as far as possible too.


If players get successfully gift will bring the scene of atmosphere, at the same time will cause other passers-by are interested in the gift machine. So you can also get a good publicity effect.


2. Master the player’s purpose


Under normal circumstances, players play toy machine for the gift inside the gift machine. Of course, some players are to experience the kind of exciting process. In this case, you need a certain winning chance if the playing game price is higher than the value of gifts too much, which will let the players lose interest, or even no one willing to continue to play.


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3. Master the player’s mentality


Players see the toy inside the gift machine and will be attracted to play so that it must ensure that the gift has enough attractive. The quality of the product must be good which do not down the grade of the site. Girls like them: exquisite, cute style, weird, retro nostalgia, popular dolls and pendant, watches, all kinds of new exotic little jewelry.


4. The location placed of prize machine


It is suggested that placed near the door but also side by side neatly together, so that guests are attracted by the beautiful gift passing or just came in.


5. Setting claw


It is for the claw crane machine generally to set have a certain intensity and a sense of reality that can inspire guests excited and enthusiastic.


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