How to operate your arcade game place?


Why is the number of players in the game hall decreasing? Many businessmen often worry about this situation.


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More and more players begin to give up the arcade game due to the effect of the popularity of PC games and PS4 games by the analysis of various reasons.


PS4 games and arcade games


In fact, the above answer is just an excuse for failure.


Today we will explore the issue of the operation of arcade game in depth.


The main purpose of the site operation is to improve the customer experience, so that the customers always come to their arcade game places. Finally, it can achieve the goal of long-term profits.


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Let us briefly analyze how to operate the normal arcade game place.


If you are a businessman, first choose a scene for the game hall, dark series, pink series, or cartoon series that children like?


different arcade game scenes


After confirmation of the theme of the arcade game place, start to choose the machines which are suitable for the places.



1. Reasonably allocate funds for buying arcade game machines


With the funds budget allowed, you will purchase 30 video arcade game machines. These games are very popular to the players, for example, racing games, dancing games, shooting games, and etc. Most of the rest of the money will be invested in prize machines and some cheaper sports arcade game machines. For example, claw machines, basketball machines. The overall quantity will be 2-3 times that of video arcade game machines.


2. Discover the potential value for different arcade game machines


We define the value of some products themselves, not just to return the costs, but also make more profits. For the dancing machine, it takes the longest time to return the cost. But its purpose is to attract more customer groups to play other games.


Two dancing machines or very popular game machines will be placed in front of the door for many businessmen. There are two dancers with nice figure on holidays or in the customer flow busy days, more tourists will watch and experience the game in your place.


3. Observe the types of customer flow of the place


We classify the customer flow as children, young people, adults, and the elderly. Usually, children and young people are the main consumers of the arcade game. Adults and the elderly more consume the game reasonably. Choose more suitable arcade game machines according to the age and gender of the players who often play in the places.


If there are more children, increase the children’s arcade machine appropriately. If there are more young people, increase the battle simulated arcade game machines. If there are more adults and the elderly, it is suggested that buy some massage chairs and newspapers.


4. Hold more activities on holidays


Planning game activities is also an operational skill. Make full use of the charm of the game activity to attract more tourists to become your customers. If there is a dragon boxing machine, you can hold a boxing competition. Players can kill each other according to the scores of hitting the dragon boxing machine.


The players who get high scores get beautiful prizes. Constantly improve the players’ experience and increase the quantity of the customer by holding a variety of activities.



I often see the players who often come to play the games and slowly start to lose their interests in the arcade game. This is a problem for the businessmen. But if you have a good idea, you can solve this problem.


5. Implement membership and annual card system


How to keep an experienced player for a long time? This is a kind of knowledge.


If you have put 1 million dollars in the bank, I don’t think you will forget this thing in your life. You will always remember this bank.


In the same way, you also need to have this consciousness that is let your customers remember their money in your game hall when you operating the arcade game place.


Implement membership activities. The customers who deposit more than 100 dollars in one time can become a life member of the game hall. Every month the game currency of 20 dollars will return to the member. The returned game currency will be zero cleared at the end of the month.


Such an activity can ensure the players will come and play one time at least each month. After the returned currency is zero-cleared, the players have to remember his game currency that must be spent regularly in their member cards.


Or, implement the annual card of the gym. The players spend 500 dollars one time for the game hall annual card for unlimited play.


arcade game place vip card


6. Change equipment regularly


The above methods are a long-term retained customer, but it is not a fundamental way to solve the customer churn. The players lose interest in the places. The players leave there even there is a cheaper annual card or more returned game currency.


So replace some old game machines regularly, constantly explore the latest game machines in the market. Then you have to sell some second-hand game machines. And pay attention to the record some machines from which make more profits.


For the machines that haven’t been returned the costs, sell them decisively, or it will only lower the profits of the whole place.


7. Have a unique personality


This is the most simple and difficult for having a unique personality. When you have all the above the operational skills, and also you need to make your place unique. Only then more players remember your game hall.


When the above operational skills are implemented, it should be subject to certain changes according to the actual conditions. It can’t blindly apply the successful methods of operating the places.


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