Claw Machine Game: Grab On to More Fun and Profit

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People who love a brightly colored claw machine game with fun or flashy prizes displayed right in front of their eyes. These games of chance and skill attract many people. They gather around and spend a lot of time trying to get the claw to catch on to their favorite item. This kind of interest and excitement makes claw machine games a great choice for your business location.


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• What Is a Claw Machine Game?

• What Kinds of Prizes Can a Player Win?

• Why Add a Claw Machine to Your Location?

• Unique Ideas to Tie Arcade Games to Your Business

• Industry Hotspots for Claw Machine Placement

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People who love a brightly colored claw machine game with fun or flashy prizes displayed right in front of their eyes. These games of chance and skill attract many people. They gather around and spend a lot of time trying to get the claw to catch on to their favorite item. This kind of interest and excitement makes claw machine games a great choice for your business location.


With their rising popularity in various parts of the world, these arcade classic are being reimagined for a new audience. They still provide a great way to build a reliable profit source in a fun way. Read on to learn how claw machine games combine history, innovative technology, the latest popular prizes, and top business practices to change people’s future success.


What Is a Claw Machine Game?

what is a claw machine


A claw machine game can also be called a claw crane, a skill crane, or other specific forms of these words. The colorful cases and signs for them frequently use phrases like Happy World, New Prizes, Fun Time, or words specific to the brand name of the machine.


Many of hours, for example, feature the Neo Crane name. This type of branding is a great way to know you are getting quality arcade experience.


These fun arcade classics have been around for many years. People have enjoyed types of these arcade games since the 1890s. The early ones were operated with cranks and gears rather than electricity and computer chips. People would come to test their skill in pushing prices to the open slot or manipulating a crane very similar to how they do it today.


Claw games continue to be popular in countries all around the world. At present, their popularity is soaring throughout eastern Asia. While adults and older teens used to use them more than any other age group, there is a definite upswing in how popular they are with young children.


That leads to more unique styles with brighter colors and more cartoon character designs. Still, companies like Neofuns offers a wide selection for any type of business. Although they come in different sizes and offer different types of prizes, the basic configuration is always the same.


Arcade Game Structure


Let us understand claw machine parts. The machine takes the shape of a large vertical box. This is constructed from lightweight metal or fiberboard in most cases. The front and sides of the top part are usually transparent acrylic or glass. This allows all the players and the fans gather around and look at the prices piled inside.


The machines have a surface with all of the controls on it and the place where the player puts their money. Of course, there is also a mechanical claw that dangles overhead.


The inner workings of a claw skill game are surprisingly complicated as do they do the important job of taking the players money, making sure it is the right amount, controlling the claw with the joystick or another controller, and keeping all the parts powered properly.


If this is configured correctly, the joystick or other control will operate the claw as intended at all times. The machine owner or operator can change settings whenever they want to in order to encourage higher profits, more prize wins, or similar differences.


How the Game is Played


When you place a claw machine game in your shop, arcade, or other location, people will come to play when they are attracted to the bright colors and an excellent chance at winning a fun prize.


First, the person must put in their money or tokens to start up the claw movement. They usually take a moment to look at all the prices and pick out the one they want to win the most. Some also go for ones that look easiest to grab.


how to play claw machine


By manipulating the joystick or using button controls, depending on the particular machine, they will move the claw back and forth or forward and back to position it in the most effective place. The machines are set up to only allow so much time for each claw movement. So, for one token or charge, a player might get 30 seconds.


At the end of that time, or when the player pushes a button, the claw descends, tries to grab onto the prize, and then pulls back to the top again. It then moves over to the corner above the prize shoot and releases.


If the player is lucky, they have a new prize to enjoy. In most cases, the claw fails to capture the item, and the player must try again. This is what makes a claw machine game so potentially lucrative for a business owner. People will try over and over again to get a win.


The possibility of winning depends a lot on how the machine operator configures all the factors and how the particular machine works in general. The computerized control of each claw game determines how to operate everything in order to create a profit for the owner.


After all, there would be few reasons to purchase and place one of these arcade machines if you did not make money from it other than the fun everyone can have.


Some configurations that claw machine game owners can make include:


 • Claw strength amount

 • How fast the claw moves back and forth or up and down

 • Profit percentage that automatically changes the claw action

 • Possible free replays for people who spend a certain amount of money

 • Automatic “Out of order” if too many prizes are won


As you can see, crane machines have many options. It is easy for an owner to change the parameters to ensure a profit. Just make sure you still give a fair and equitable chance to every player so they can win prizes and come back again and again.


What Kinds of Prizes Can a Player Win?

A wide variety of price types attract a larger number of players. Many people have seen cases with stuffed animals and plush toys inside of them. These are quite popular for people of all ages to try to win. These usually come in sizes ranging from 3 to 7 inches tall, but some claws can handle larger toys.


claw machine prizes 1


Other claw machines have blister packed toys or small electronics like handheld games and fun watches. These can attract older kids and adults more readily. Others give away a toy or collectible sports balls, costume jewelry, themed collections with a variety of products in one machine, plastic toys, and even candy. Licensed items from popular children’s shows and cartoon movies are quite popular


claw machine prize 4


claw machine prizes 2


claw machine prizes


Why Add a Claw Machine to Your Location?

If you own a shop, arcade, or other business that caters to young people and families more than professionals, adding a claw machine game to your location gives you the perfect opportunity to increase profits.


When someone passing by or shopping for other products sees a claw machine, they instantly become interested in trying their luck. Kids clamor for a chance at the prizes, and adults remember fun times they had when they were younger.


In fact, teenagers and adults are the main users of claw machines. They may stay in front of one for an extended period of time and spend quite a bit of money trying to get a plush animal, a small electronic device, or another prize. This attention makes these arcade options quite a good choice for your business.


Claw Machine Game Profit Potential


Two main things determine how profitable a new venture can be: how much money it brings in, and how much it costs to operate and maintain it. The amount of money that people spend on a claw machine session varies. You need a good location, intriguing prizes, and some marketing to let people know it exists.


In fact, it is nearly impossible to lose money when placing one of these arcade options in a busy location. As long as foot traffic goes by it, people will stop and attempt to win a prize or two.


From a machine owner point of view, the low risk comes from the ability to manipulate how often a player wins the prize. The computerized control mechanism changes how the game operates based on whether people are winning a lot or a little.


Overall, it comes down to the skill and perseverance of the person manipulating the claw. However, the chance of them winning over and over again is somewhat controlled by the programming. After all, no business owner who invests in a claw machine game wants to lose their money.


Maintenance and operation costs are low. Of course, these machines need to be plugged in so your electricity bill may go up a bit. All of this can easily be countered by the amount of money people spend trying to get their favorite item.


Maintenance Needs of These Skill Games


Claw games require very little maintenance at all. Of course, if the machine malfunctions, you need to call in an expert to fix it. However, when you buy from a reputable dealer like Neofuns, you know you have a quality machine that will not break down often.


Any other maintenance involves keeping the inside and outside of the machine clean and restocking it with prizes. Of course, you also get to remove the money you make every day or once per week. This low level of required attention creates a way to get more profit without wasting your time or risking a lot of your own money to do so.


claw machine maintenance


Included Expenses of a Claw Game Business


The initial expense of purchasing the machines is the highest amount you will spend. Most earn back the buy price in a relatively short amount of time. This type of family-friendly business attracts a lot of attention and repeat profits in a short amount of time. Invest in a single machine or a whole bunch to fill an entire wall or small arcade location.


The only other real expense comes from buying the prizes to stock and refill the case. You can get huge loads of perfect prize options at wholesale rates from many suppliers. For a small initial investment of stock, your claw machine game business can earn profits quickly.


With such a diverse range of prize options, the type you choose and their overall cost depend on a few factors. First, certain types of items only fit with certain game machines.


You cannot put costume jewelry in a machine intended to grab medium-sized stuffed animals. Prize suppliers also offer different grades or quality levels. For example, generic phone cases packaged for claw machine game use would cost less per unit than those licensed with popular sports teams or cartoon franchises.


The products you buy to stock your skill machine depend on how much money you want to risk and how much you can charge for each attempt to win one. Finding a supplier for large quantities of prize items is equally important. You need to trust that they can deliver enough prizes too you so your claw game is always full.


If it stands empty for too much time, people will start to stay away because of it. Consider getting more than one prize supplier and always keeping extra stock on hand.


Of course, every new venture involves some risk. If you tuck the skill machine in a back corner where no one can see it, the chance of profits reduces considerably. These are ideal for high traffic areas that attract kids and families primarily.


Unique Ideas to Tie Arcade Games to Your Business

Although many claw games in arcades and similar shops focused on plush animals, small toys, generic electronics, and plastic balls with small prizes inside, you can customize the options to match the rest of your business more closely. They can even improve your overall business with intelligent prize selection.


For example, if you own a shop that specializes in children’s clothing, a toy machine with cute stuffed animals may be a great option. However, you could mix in some items from your stock that’s the claw can still grab. These may be bundles of fun colored socks or cute hats for winter. Parents can have fun trying to get a special something for their children.


basketball arcade machine


If your business caters to young adult gamers, they may not be tempted to play if they see a pile of cute teddy bears and other stuffed toys. Consider licensed printed items from popular games, things like phone cases or earbuds, and even some items direct from your stock.


Whatever you choose, however, has to have some shape that allows the claw to grab it. You cannot put smooth-sided game cases in the machine because no one will ever win anything.


No matter what type of business you operate, a claw machine may fit in well with your clientele. You can even advertise a super special prize in the machine at all times. If one person wins it, you put in another. These can be higher ticket items like cases with real jewelry, signed sports memorabilia, or a gift card to your shop trapped in a plastic case.


If you take into account how the claw machine game fits with your overall business, you are more likely to gain considerable profits. People who are shopping for a particular product type or enjoying a specific service at your location are much more likely to try their skill at the claw if a prize they win pertains to the reason for their visit.


Claw Game Business


Industry Hotspots for Claw Machine Placement



It is possible to attract players and make money with a claw arcade game anywhere people come regularly. However, some locations work better than others. You have to target the right demographic with the right machine style and price type.


It is also important to investigate how popular claw machine type games are in your country, city, or general area. For example, if an arcade full of them is already open down the street, you may not make the type of profit you want. Too much competition drives profits down.


Great Locations to Place These Machines


Various locations suit claw machine game placement. First, you may consider placing one or two of these in an existing shop or business. If you sell other types of products, one of these games can attract more attention and make people more interested in buying them.


If you run a service-based business that caters to families or children especially, such as a family hair cutting salon or a children’s photography studio, adding a claw machine game can boost profits and make the visit more entertaining for your clients.


claw machine good place


Other people choose to purchase many claw machines and fill an entire storefront with them. They may also include other types of stand up, coin-operated games like pinball or video games options. These types of arcades provide pure entertainment for the people who stop by. It is easier to get a crowd around the claw games in this type of setting.


Growing Popularity Around the World


In the early days when these types of fun machines first existed, they were found mostly in the United States. They quickly spread through Europe and Asia and are now found all over the world.


The 1970s and 1980s marked the top of the claw machine industry growth chart. Arcades were very popular because there were very few games for home computers or videogame consoles around. People went out to get their entertainment with gaming.


Because computers and game consoles have exploded in popularity, the number of dedicated arcades in shopping centers has gone down. However, young people going out with money of their own have triggered a resurgence in more physical arcade games.


This is especially true in eastern Asian markets. Quite a few claw game specific arcades attract a lot of attention now.


One unique business model that some shop owners follow is to rent claw machines or a place to put one to people who want to make some extra money with this type of business.


They provide the location in a building and the electricity, and the owner or renter of the game pays the fee to them. It still gives a high possibility of profit. In some cases, an extra fee may cover machine maintenance and restocking of prizes.


claw machine around the world


In Conclusion…



Claw machine game popularity goes back much further than most people think. Even before the 20th century began, people were drawn to this type of game that included both skill and luck. Now, placing a claw machine at a business location provides the owner with an excellent way to increase revenue and entice more people to stop for a closer look.


With all of the many options available, you can find the perfect case and console for any location. They come in various widths and heights. Get a narrower one and you can fit more in the same space. Change up your offer to attract more players.


The range of potential prize options has grown considerably since the early days, as well. Offering a variety of kid-friendly choices will attract people with different tastes of all ages. Although the most popular types include plush animal toys, licensed memorabilia, small electronics, and costume jewelry, the options are numerous and diverse.


The fun and engagement that claw machine games bring people is something that they will not get tired of anytime soon. Check out Neofun’s extensive product line of claw game machines while you consider the possibility of spending your income with this fun type of arcade business.


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