Parts of Claw Machine

claw machine parts

When purchasing these claw machines, amusement owners must first know the parts, so that they can deal with some unexpected problems when operating them. Following is the introduction of some core parts. Of course, there are some more complicated machines. It is different for parts inside the complicated ones.


The core parts include PCB( printed circuit board), power supply, currency detector, credit/timer display, joystick, wires, bridge components, and claw.


PCB( printed circuit board)

The printed circuit board is the brain of the claw machine, which controls the operation of the whole machine.

Write the code into the printed circuit board, and then connect correctly the wires on the corresponding circuit board to the connection lines of each part. Then, can control the operation of each part. If the code is out of order, or one connection of the circuit board is short-circuited, it will affect the operation of the claw machine.

If the amusement owners need to adjust the operation and the probability of grabbing out the prizes, the new code will be rewritten on the circuit board.



Currency detector

Currency detector can detect if the player put into the coins. When it detects the coins, just like the switch of the lamp, it will start the operation of other parts. Also, the currency detector can detect the authenticity of money, to prevent some dishonest players from using some counterfeit coins or game coins. Of course, there are also some new types of currency detectors used in the claw machine, which can also detect the number of coins put in. If players put 10 coins in a short time, players can obtain an extra chance of grabbing the prize.



Credit / timer display

Credit/timer display is a part, which limits the time for players to grasp prize. It also plays an obvious role. It is usually set about 1 to 3 min, in order to prevent the players from delaying and wasting time grabbing the prize. Specific settings are set by amusement owners according to detailed situations. Set in the programming language of PCB. Its purpose of setting is to improve the efficiency and make the players waiting to not paint.



The joystick is to control the position of the steel claw falling, just like choosing a fixed coordinate on the map. Players can move the claws to the top of the prize by shaking the joystick.



The button is to control the falling of the steel claw. It is relatively simple and there is no special operability. Players only click the button, and then the claw fall.




The claw is the most important part to grasp the prize. Generally, the claw has 3 fingers, or some claws have more fingers. After the claw grabbing the prize, the claw rises and moves towards to the prize door by the instruction of PCB. Also, it is the most nervous time for players. It is the process of moving the prize out of the door, but easily the prize will fall off for claw. Therefore, players love and hate the claws. Especially for girls, claws become their dream lovers at this time. Nerve let claws go and firmly grasp the prize that is the dream.


Remote control

There is no detailed picture for showing the remote control because some controls are still operated in the background part. The remote control is to adjust the time of the timer display and control the probability of prize out. It is convenient for the amusement owners who do not know the programming language to operate the machine easily. In particular, many players have been dissatisfied with the regulation of the probability of prize out. The probability adjustment of humanization is also popular for many players.