Applications of Claw Machine

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From the historical introduction of Chapter II, as we all know, the claw machine originated from America and began to rise in America. It was popular in Asia until the 1990s. And it was very popular in Europe, America, Japan, and Korea. Subsequently, many machines were imported by Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, and other regions to meet demands.


Now let’s introduce the places where claw machines are mainly used.


1. Carnival

The most common place should be the Carnival. Lots of them will be seen in every Carnival facilities. It is very outstanding in many arcade machines, and very favored by female friends and children.


2. Catering spot

In the 1980s, just when the claw machine began to return to people’s vision, they were installed on a large scale on the chain stores of Pizza Hut. And they became an important part of Pizza Hut’s revenue. Nowadays, there are many ones in restaurants, such as expensive hotels and roadside chophouse. The purpose is that making the customers happy when enjoying the delicious food.


3. Sports venue

With the claw machine sweeping the globe, it has crossed the sports industry. They have been introduced by more and more gyms and sports grounds from NBA to FIFA. The team uniforms, trophies, and medals of basketball and football team are put into the machines as prizes for sports enthusiasts. And many clubs advertise on the machine to obtain more popularity and incomes.


4. Street

As living in the 21st century, people’s moral quality is constantly improving. Therefore, many amusement owners no longer worry about malicious damage, will place all kinds of machines in the streets for people’s play conveniently. In Japan, it is most prominent, and various ones are in the street when walking. And people relax and play on the roadside from time to time when off work.



The claw machine is not only amusement equipment, but also one kind of money making device. Lots of them stand inside and outside of some supermarkets. This is a good source of revenue for all kinds of supermarkets.


6. Self-service store

If you have been to China, you will find many self-service stores in many commercial streets in China. There are only claw machines, no other arcade equipment, and no shopkeepers. And you will see a lot of tourists there playing them.


7.Gambling place

Even in the 1950s, the claw machine was banned as a gambling device. There were still many ones for grabbing coins and cash in some open gambling place. The most famous places are Las Vegas and Macau, where put all kinds of machines full of various prizes, coins, cash, and gambling chips.


8. Other

They can be placed in many places, such as the doorway of pharmacy, fitness places, swimming pool natatorium and etc. Put 1 or 2 machines in the place where there have persons. The owners of all kinds of business can obtain extra income.