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The basketball arcade game has risen to become one of the most popular arcade game of the century. It originates from the arcade game concept of ball toss, which was one the main underlying concepts of arcade games in the 1920s, when arcades first started. The basketball game machine has proven to have fans from all walks of life as literally anyone can play it! Pick up a ball and toss in through the hoop. It is that simple!



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• History of Basketball Arcade Machine

• The change course of basketball arcade machine

• Where can I find a basketball arcade machine?

• How to hack basketball arcade machine?

• How much does a basketball arcade machine cost?

• What are the basketball arcade machine rental companies?

• 5 best basketball arcade machine



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What are Basketball Arcade Games?


what are basketball arcade games


Basketball arcade games incorporate the fundamental concepts of the basketball game into an arcade game set-up fashion. The traditional basketball game looks at have two teams, each commonly with five players, who are playing against each other in a rectangular court. Their primary aim is to shoot a basketball through their opponent team’s hoop, thereby accumulating points. There is a point system based on whereabouts in the court a ball is input through the hoop. If it is shoot through the hoop in the field, it is two points, and when made from behind the three-point line, it becomes three points. There is also the component of foul, which allows players to be given points respective per throw. The team with the most points at the end wins, and sometimes, there is overtime play mandated.


Taking this original game concept, the basketball arcade game incorporates two players into the arcade game set-up, with the winner being the team with the highest score. In present day, this is often chosen through using a button which presents players with an option of choosing single player or two players. Given the limitation of an arcade space, the concept of a court is entirely removed. Therefore, the concept of shooting basketballs through the hoop of the opponent’s team is also removed.


The creator of the basketball arcade machine made it so that the set-up only has one hoop. Both teams would take turns to throw the balls in. Often, if an arcade is empty, and if the machines are modern enough to sync into two-player mode, each player can then play on one basketball arcade machine without having to take turns.


The creator of the basketball arcade machine also factored out the concept of foul. Given that there is no court, elements relating to traditional basketball like dribbling are not present in the basketball arcade game. The basketball arcade machine let players focus on simply aiming and shooting the balls in through the hoop to accumulate points to win. There is a time limit that this happens in, with each round spanning from about 40 – 60 seconds. The scores are electronically calculated.



Another feature of the basketball arcade machine is the presence of a netted mesh or a layer which adds another layer of difficulty to the game. It also serves to hold the balls once each round is over. When a round is over, a section from the board in the bottom will rise up and meet the net area to prevent the balls from rolling down to the platform area available for players to pick the basketballs up for shooting. This important safety feature ensures retention of the basketballs for future rounds.


Given that it is a popular arcade game played by people from all walks of life, often you’d see more than one player playing each side when families come together to enjoy the game.


The balls used in the basketball arcade machine are usually lighter and smaller, coming in around 22 inches in circumference, compared to the ones used in the traditional basketball game, which are usually at 29.5 inches in circumference. This is intentional, so that it can be user-friendly to people from all walks of life. For children, there are inflatable basketballs that can be used.


basketball arcade machine size wiki


It is apparent that the entire design of the basketball arcade machine is made to be user-friendly and easy to understand, so that players from all over can understand the game and participate in it. This is also due to type of demographic which have historically been going to arcades, which are families with children, the younger and the more active crowd.


History of Basketball Arcade Machine


POP A SHOT indoor basketball arcade machine


The creator of the basketball arcade machine game was none other than the Pop-A-Shot company. But the real credit will need to be given to Ken Cochran, who not only created the company, but originated the entire concept of a basketball game machine.


Ken Cochran underwent a heart bypass surgery in 1981 and was feeling restless in the hospital ward during the recuperation period. Since he was a highly experience basketball coach, an amazing idea burst through his idle mind as he was inspired by a mini basketball set-up on his desk in the ward!


Once he felt better, he decided he had to work on this and develop it into something revolutionary. He first thought of putting three smaller basketball hoops adjacent to one another on the backboard and a net which would return the balls back to the players. He got in touch with a local machine shop to create the frame. He reached out to a cabinet shop to get the backboards built. A volleyball net was then attached as a return ramp on his piece and viola! the first model of the basketball arcade game was made! He named it “Triple Shot”.

basketball arcade machine history

Cochran put his “Triple Shot” at one of his sports camps. He charged campers $1.00 per 10 shots and provided a free T-shirt to those who scored at least 7! When the lines to the game ended up being really long, he realized how popular his game was. He realized that he had created something valuable.


The change course of basketball arcade machine


Overtime, the “Triple Shot” machine proved to be too tedious to transport. Cochran then decided to eliminate two baskets, and created a new single hoop game. He made a frame and a net primarily for it. He then put this new edition and called it “Mini Basketball” up at a local bar. He charged $1.00 per minute of play.


With the growing popularity, Cochran realized that in order to engage players, he needed to have some sort of electronic scoring system. He put a “scoring collar” onto the bottom of the hoops which was a mechanical switch that would record the score each time a basketball was detected passing through the hoop. A 40-second timer was added and players who scored 40 points or more were given an additional round to play. He went further to change the netting to fiberglass and placed a heavy-duty polycarbonate piece in the center of the game play area to hold the three balls when the time for each round expired.  


His success brought along competitors. The coin-op market became flooded. Pop-A-Shot decided to create its first home game. Overtime, it left the coin-op world. Therefore, while most basketball arcade games did originate in some form or the other from Cochran’s original idea, it is not a true Pop-A-Shot. The current version of the Pop-A-Shot available is pretty similar to the model built by Cochran 35 years ago.


This is why it can be attributed that Pop-A-Shot literally made the first electronic basketball shooting game.


The change course of basketball arcade machine


Pop-A-Shot was well-received, and a lot of times were installed outdoors, similar to the concept of an open basketball court. As indoor basketball became popular over the years, and arcades too starting being built as units within malls and indoor spaces, the basketball game machine evolved to become more commonly an indoor activity.


Being indoors provided a huge advantage of having consistent electrical connections, often connected to a building’s central electricity. From this, a number of features were added to amp-up the model of the basketball game machine.


One of these features was to implement levels, in which the basketball hoop would start moving from left to right inconsistently in order to test a player’s skill out in the higher levels. The more advanced the skills of the player, the more they should be able to shoot the basketball into the hoop from various angles with minimal difficulty. This concept mirrors that of traditional basketball. Sometimes, the basketball game machine allows for some extra time for the winner to play, in order to boost up their scores. Some modern arcade game machines also have two hoops. These models of the basketball arcade game is known as the double shot basketball arcade game. The double shot basketball arcade game can accommodate for two players. Each player then throws in the balls into their own hoops.


Some of the newer models started to have a cage up at the top and sides. These safety features allowed the game to be contained within the machine’s parameters, which is particularly useful when playing indoors. Many colors, lights and sounds were added onto the boards and the hoops of the machine. Modern machines now make a sound to register every time the basketball goes through the hoop.


Instead of using a cotton net, many of the modern basketball arcade machines use metal chains. This allowed for the balls to go through them quicker, and since no one was doing a slam dunk on the hoop, there was no real danger it posed.


The modern basketball machine now comes in every color possibly imaginable! Some of them are themed according to the type of demographic that would play it. For example, if they are themed with dark colors, often with black and silver basketballs, this is an indication that it is mostly for well-seasoned arcade players, which are the younger to middle aged adults. If they are themed with a cartoon, it is safe to say that it is made for children.

kids basketball arcade machine 1

Where can I find a basketball arcade machine?


At this point, you might be wondering if there is a basketball arcade game near me! The most common place for to find a basketball arcade game is in arcades located in shopping malls. Some parks also have different versions of the basketball arcade machine set-up. It is likely that you’d find the Pop-A-Shot machines there, since it is outdoors. Amusement arcades and game centers are also places where you can find the basketball arcade machine. Basketball arcade machines can also be found on arcades in luxurious cruise liners, as well as top country clubs which have an arcade room within them.


With a huge popularity comes competition in every manner. Suppliers compete, and so do players. Over the years, many players worldwide have explored the best ways to hack the basketball game machine in order to obtain the highest recorded score ever possible.


How to hack basketball arcade machine?


hack basketball arcade machine


Here are two strategies we have found to increase your score:


Since the machine itself cannot be hacked, a way to increase the score is to increase the false number of successful shots in through the hoops. The hoops have detectors in-built, allowing for scores to accumulate progressively within the time allocated for each round. This can be done by climbing on the machine and putting any object through the hoop repeatedly or by tapping on it rim repeatedly. If a sound is heard, your score is registered. Please be cautious if you are going to use this method, as it involves an element of risk when climbing the machine from its sides or front.


Another way to hack it is to prolong the availability of the basketballs to throw into the hoops. With reference to the board that rises to meet the additional mesh in the center of the machine, it is possible to manually lower the board by applying pressure onto it from the top. The balls then cannot be stopped and you will have endless opportunities to shoot them through in each round!


How much does a basketball arcade machine cost?


Has it ever crossed your mind to buy basketball arcade machine? On average, basketball arcade machines cost between USD1, 200 to USD6, 200. It is safe to say that the cost of a cheap basketball arcade machine is usually below US2, 000. The price will vary depending on the model and style you select. For more information, browse through this website.


What are the basketball arcade machine rental companies?


To buy a basketball arcade machine may be too costly, especially if it is only going to be used for a short period of time (e.g. events). You may wonder, is it a alternative to proceed with a basketball arcade machine hire or a basketball arcade machine rental? The answer is a definitely yes for both! A better alternative would be to rent one of these machines from a trusted rental company. While you can search for local basketball rental companies that cater to your country and location, we have taken the liberty to summarize a list of trusted websites which provides rental of commercial basketball arcade game machines.


Here they are:


1. Wow Inc Events

Wow Inc Events logo

The best product from Wow Inc Events is the Super Shot Basketball Arcade Game. The price will be quoted upon enquiry, since each request is different. This machine allows for 4 different options of game play: Continuous, Push-Back, Classic and Random. The best part of this model is that it offers various branding opportunities if you are hiring it for an event. These spaces would include the side panels, the backboard as well as the front area of the machine.


2. Video Amusement

Video Amusement logo

Similar to Wow Inc Events, Video Amusement recommends the Super Shot II as their best rental basketball arcade machine. It allows for rental games to be free and provides up to 6 balls free. Long-term rental options are also possible with this one, and branding customization is possible too.


3. Az Bounce Pro

Az Bounce Pro logo

The basketball arcade machine that is popular from Az Bounce Pro is the Half Court Hoops machine. It is themed with flashy lights and the balls are colored in sleek black!


4. Primetime Amusements

primetime logo

Being a game-oriented rental provider, Primetime Amusements offer a whole range of basketball arcade game machines. With different colors, themes and levels to choose from, you will surely find one that suits what you are looking for!


5. Carousell

Carousell logo

This online marketplace has impressed us by providing a large variety of rentals for the basketball arcade game machines. Feel free to browse through them and place an order with the respective sellers!



5 best basketball arcade machine


Want to know the best basketball arcade game in the market? There are favorites amongst the crowd. While there are thousands of models out there, here are the top five which have proven to be the most popular:


1. The NBA Hoops Basketball Arcade Game Machine

The NBA Hoops Basketball Arcade Game Machine


People secretly like to think that that they are playing for the NBA each time they throw a shot into the hoops of the arcade basketball games. Thus, it is no surprise that this is the most popular game by far! Its relevance to NBA is the largest, since it is the only licensed NBA arcade game.


It is extremely popular. It has been designed with an adjustable metal front cabinet, an NBA-sized hoop which accommodates a 9 inch basketball and a hardwood floor. This allows it for a greater win ratio and for a more realistic scoring and durability. You can customize the graphics on it to reflect your favorite NBA team! You also have the ability to adjust the timer if you buy it.


With a sleek design like this, it is no wonder people are drawn to it. Time to score!


2. Extreme Hoops Basketball Arcade Game Machine

Extreme Hoops Basketball Arcade Game Machine


Extreme hoops comes is a snazzy color of white with sleek black basketballs! It is easy to move the model around. With each level, the hoop start to move, making it fun for people looking for a challenge.

It has been voted as the second most popular due to its style and presence in an arcade space.


3. Kuroko’s Basketball Arcade Game Machine

Kuroko’s Basketball Arcade Game Machine

This is a seventh generation basketball arcade game from Neofuns amusement, and boasts to have attractive features compared to its previous version. It has an enhanced visual appeal and it comes with three levels. It is no wonder it is highly popular, as many arcade machines tend to plateau off at two levels only, thereby downplaying the game pleasure. It supports multiplayer as well and is easily transported to places. The best part of this specific type of basketball arcade game machine is that it retains the very original theme of basketball, such as the orange colored-balls, and there are layers of difficulties to it, making it fun for both families and more experienced players.


4. Collegiate Hoops Basketball Arcade Game Machine

Collegiate Hoops Basketball Arcade Game Machine

This one comes with a snazzy lighted-up backboard with LED strobe lights and also makes the slam dunk sound effects when a perfect goal is scored! The time for each round can be reset – between 30 to 60 seconds and there is an additional bonus round. The other features of this include a removable top arch, which is great as it can accommodate to varying ceiling heights, and you can set if you want the basket to be moving or not. It comes with real hardwood floor too!


5. Namco Pac-Man Basketball Arcade Game Machine

Namco Pac-Man Basketball Arcade Game Machine

From the name, you can tell that this is branded by the popular Japanese game from Namco, Pac-Man! With Pac-Man being everyone’s favorite childhood game, it presents a huge plus factor in pulling players. It takes this legendary game brand and literally spins it on its head! The machine and the basketballs are all customized and accurately designed to match the theme. It offers maximum interactivity and fun through injecting a sense of excitement for Pac-Man fans.


Specs-wise, it consists of two raised sides to ensure that the basketballs stay within the machine’s parameters. There is an LED scoreboard which flashes the timer. This also comes with levels!


All in all, we can see that the basketball arcade game has undergone a massive evolution from its seed stage. The idea of the game still sticks true to its origin. The arcade basketball game machine has allowed everyone and anyone to enjoy the joys of basketball. What a great way to revolutionize sports and gaming!



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