How to operate an indoor children’s paradise?

Do you want to open an indoor children’s playground? How much will it cost? Will it be profitable? What’s the profit? I believe that most investors will have such doubt. Why? Because it doesn’t know business and management.


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Here are some tips for everyone. If you want to open the indoor children’s paradise and can refer to the following.


First of all, the environment. It is the first element to children and parents in the children’s playground.


In practices, the environmental requirements not only stay at a tidy level but is the key to paradise.


In paradise, whether the lighting makes the children’s feel comfortable or not makes parents feel safe. Thus, the children’s paradise with great dedication should think over the lighting of the environment and the lights will not be glaring.


At the same time, lighting can play a role in the ground rather than simply dazzling. leaving no light corner site to make the parents feel safe to let kids play.

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Weekly full-field cleaning must be carried out. Through strict operation steps, we must ensure that all equipment, accessories and the way children’s reach can be cleaned, even every ocean ball cleaning and disinfection.



kids indoor games equipment Second, service. Service has an important impact on the customer experience and Paradise’s reputation.


Every employee in the park is a smile ambassador and always keeps a charming smile.


At the same time, they will not hesitate to squat and exchange their children’s customers equally, so that the children will receive equal treatment from beginning to end.


They carry a small souvenir when a dispute occurs in children and parents, children crying, they will pass a small souvenir to let the children regain smile.


They write down the needs and opinions of their customers with pen and paper and they will clean up all the rubbish they see.


Then, the paradise of equipment. Equipment not only fun but also pay attention to the details of the equipment.


For the park equipment, shipped to the storefront installation process before, during and after the equipment will be adjusted on the ground, in particular, according to the actual operation of the venue.


The layout of equipment fully meet the children’s characteristics and even can be combined into a maze of feeling, so that children have a maze of joy.


Finally, the details. Attention to the details of the operation is the heart of the park’s ingenuity.


All the places and links that are dangerous to children in the park have been adjusted. For example, the most common socket, whether to install children’s anti-electric shock device, whether after each use of recovery into a state of anti-shock?


Are the fire hydrant glass covers decorated with cartoons that prompt them to watch out for safety in a language that children can read?


Even for children’s seats, they should be repeatedly tested in order to achieve the best condition.