Evaluation report of claw machine game online

Hello, Everyone. I’m Neo. I am an arcade game expert. All arcade games of my love. I will take the best experience for every game lover.


Today, I will introduce a different arcade game. It is a claw machine game online.


The first, We need to search for it in Google. Some people have tried to search claw machine games for free, But you will not gain prizes that even if you win it. Now, I find a claw machine games online website developed by a Japanese company. You can remote control it by the internet of things technology.


More and more manufacturers join in claw machine game online sell the team. In fact, The claw machine gets most to 3000 coins in busy neighborhoods per day. But this game can work for 24 hours continuously and get as much as 10000 coins every day. It is crazy.


The above is a just brief overview of the game. Now let me introduce how to play it.


You will watch a frame of the claw machine’s cupboard in this window by the following picture.


The prizes are Hatsune Miku’s models, Many otuka people love it very much.

claw machine games online1

The first, Have a title will tell you the price of catching a prize every time. The price is 1300NP, About 2.5 dollars converted to cash every time. It is much more expensive than in reality. You will spend 0.5 dollars catching a prize each time.

claw machine games online2
claw machine games online3
claw machine games online4

Tap or click the”get in line “button to reserve your spot in line .once it’s your turn, the text will change to ‘start playing!’. Hit the button again to begin!

use this button to toggle the sound on or off.

claw machine games online5

Press and hold down this button to move the crane left or right. the direction varies by machine so take a look at the placement of the crane before you press.

claw machine games online6

After lining up your first move, press and hold this button to move the crane vertically toward the back of the machine.

claw machine games online7

You’ll only get one chance to press each button. Good luck. 

claw machine games online8

Having a little trouble aiming for your prize? use these buttons to swap between camera positions for a better look.

claw machine games online9

Use this button to toggle the sound on or off.

claw machine games online10

All steps already introduce to everyone, And I spend 30 dollars trying to play it, But I didn’t succeed once. It’s a blow for a game master like me.


Let me talk about my feelings. Of course, I need to leave aside of many fails.




a. Everybody play the claw machine game online everywhere.

b. You don’t prepare a lot of coins and pay it by credit card.

c. Have a lot of kinds of prizes. You will find your love prizes.

d. Don’t limit your time.



a. The biggest drawback is that you will lose happiness with many friends when they go to the carnival to play the claw machine. I prefer to claw prizes with my friends, That would be very enjoyable.

b. Sellers will reduce the probability of prize Because they need make up for the game development costs.

c. You don’t know if this is a phishing website.

d. When you claw the prize, It has a certain delay.

e. You won’t be able to use a lot of tricks. For example: Three dollar law.


OK, The evaluation ends here. If there are more informative of arcade games, I will share it with everyone the first time.