Clean An Air Hockey Table in 5 Steps

If you have purchased the top rated air hockey table and you want to keep it in top playing condition, but you’re not sure how to clean it – this article will help.  However, before we go into how to let’s start with why…


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There are a number of reasons why should you learn how to clean an air hockey table properly.


1. A dusty table causes drag, which means the puck does not glide quickly or properly. This will result in a slow game which is a lot less fun.


2. A dirty surface can block the air holes which will also stop the puck from gliding correctly and can cause dead spots where the buck stops.


3. A playing surface with bits on it will cause the puck to bump, jump and on occasions fly off the table. For those of you who play air hockey regularly, you know this is a game killer if it continuously happens.


4. Bits on the table will not only cause the puck to jump, but it can also chip the playing surface which will be a big problem if you want a continuous gliding surface.


These are just 4 reasons why a dirty surface will cause issues when playing air hockey – I am sure there are many others.


air hockey table

How to Clean an Air Hockey Table?


There is a number of ways to clean the air hockey playing surface. Below are a few ideas and steps to take.


1. Always have the fan before commencing cleaning so as not to block the air holes when wiping a table.


2. Use a vacuum hose to clean the surface of any specks of dust and bits. I do not let the hose actually touch the surface but I expect if you are not too heavy-handed touching the surface will be ok.


3. Use a cloth to wipe the surface. Do not clean the sides as a bit of dust helps with bank shots.


4. This is where opinions can differ. Some people just use a damp cloth and then dry the surface afterward with a dry cloth. Other people will use an alcohol-based liquid to wipe the table. Many people will use common furniture polish to finish the clean.


Just make sure there is nothing abrasive that will damage the surface. We would recommend an alcohol-based product or a damp cloth.


5. Clean the air holes with a small drill bit, toothpick or another small item. keep the fan on and lift the dust/dirt out of the air hole.


There you have it – 5 quick tips on how to clean an air hockey table yourself.