5 Points of Improving Location Popularity


Maybe someone are very frustrated why exquisite decoration,convenient location can not attract customers.Although we invest a lot of money and time in decorating and making a choice for location,the sales performance not meet our expectations.Then how to improve 5 location popularity?

Here are 5 points of operating prize vending business must be understood.


1.Setting Winning Rate

According to the gift of value to set the prize rate.It is reasonable that the proposed gross margin is generally 40% to 60%.If the same site has more than one prize vending machine, it is best to set a lower number with a gross margin .So we can let the customer easy grasp in ensuring the basis of profit.beside,appropriate adjust the the players feedback in the latter time.


2.Choosing Toy or Gift

According to different age and personality,we need to select gift with more fashionable, beautiful, value of collection and ornamental,such as set of or a series of gifts, relatively rare gifts in region.It is gift that the main factors attract guests.


3.regularly Updating Gifts

As we all know,nobody will be interested in repeated gifts.But the crowd is basically fixed in a certain area.How to make players keep fresh with catching machines?The best way is regularly updating or changing gifts in time.


4.the Placement of Gift

If the number of machines are more than 4,different machine put neatly with different dolls,and setting a gift in easy way to catch.Cut ur prize need a unified height or patchwork the high and the low so that six gifts can be displayed in the same box.



They are responsible for the management and placement of gift, appropriately guide the guests how to operate the game.More importantly, they can keep hot or excited atmosphere, prevent the gift from theft in necessary time.


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