The world of arcades and game rooms has changed drastically since they first began popping up decades ago. The technology of video games has progressed at an exponential rate and the realm of virtual reality has forever changed gameplay. However, if there has been one constant through the years, it’s the popularity of sports arcade games.


In any arcade, they are a welcome break from the bright screens, button mashing, and digital interfaces. They are accessible to everyone and require very little information beforehand. For anyone building a game room, a collection of sports games is essential to creating a satisfying and full experience.

Just because they are on the more traditional side of the arcade, does not mean that sports arcade games are old fashioned. Just like digital games, They are constantly changing and growing with technology and every manufacturer has their own take.


NeoFuns is one of the leading makers of sports arcade games in the world today. Our award-winning designs are unique in character, modern, and affordable. With a wide selection of choices, NeoFuns features classic sports games and innovative new takes on an old genre. We have multiple styles of air hockey tables, boxing machines, and basketball games. We also feature an interactive FIFA soccer game, a horse racing game, and snowboarding simulator.

The sports arcade games that can be found just about anywhere include, basketball shooting games, punching machines, and air hockey tables. These have existed for decades and are constantly being reinvented and improved to fit modern gaming. They are the simplest to make and are so universal that just about everyone on the planet can get the hang of them.

They are just plain fun. People love testing their physical skills and competing with one another. Punching machines that measure strength and agility are addicting and easy to get lost in. Shooting basketballs is satisfying, simple to learn and difficult to master. Air hockey test reflexes in a fast-paced, loud back and forth battle. All of these games bring tangibility and physical skill to an environment that is all too often stiff and virtual.


Additionally, they are an excellent way of bringing in big profits. All sports games lend themselves to competition. People have always been attracted to testing their physical abilities and fusing that with modern game design means they will always be coming back for more. The simplicity of gameplay will never leave people frustrated with how to play but only in how to get better. Customers will drop coin after coin to prove their skills and overcome high scores.

While it might seem counterintuitive to invest in sports arcade games over certain digital cabinets, it is in fact a perfect way of raising the excitement of any game center or arcade. They have a timeless charm and are very addictive. It is easy to get lost in all the digital gaming options and forget that physical games have not lost their popularity. On the contrary, they could be just the right thing to bring your arcade to the next level of fun.