Building up a popular and engaging arcade is no easy task. Once you have through all the trouble of finding a space and starting the business, the task of finding the actual games can quickly become intimidating. This FAQ pinpoints some of the most common queries, offers advice, narrows down the search for a great manufacturer.

When looking for a cheap arcade machine, it is important to begin searching for manufacturers. Instead of buying through certain wholesalers and third parties, working straight with the source will always result in better prices. More often than not, they will also be more open to custom orders and developing a working relationship with their clients.  


NeoFuns is renowned for selling games at incredibly affordable prices without sacrificing quality in our games or customer service.

When looking for the best mix of affordability, innovative design, and quality customer service, NeoFuns is one of the best in the business. Not only do they offer award-winning games with unique builds, NeoFuns offers superb prices for their quality. Where many wholesalers and manufacturers will never dip below $4,000, NeoFuns offers games for a fraction of that.


Thanks to our factory location in China, labor and overhead costs are low and this allows us to sell great products at even better prices. Furthermore, because We make our own games, You do not have to worry about licensing or paying a middle man to sell our products.

The initial investment in an arcade machine can take the wind out of any arcade owner. However, when purchasing from a company like NeoFuns, it can take as little as 3 to 6 months to earn the capital back. All it takes is a good eye for curation and knowledge of what will work best in your space.

Despite its incredible prices, NeoFuns makes no sacrifices on the quality of games. Since We began, NeoFuns has won multiple awards for their designs. Whether it is a digital machine or a sports arcade game, We has a near unbeatable international reputation for innovation and fantastic products.

Whether you are building your first game center or have been in the industry for years, NeoFuns is the perfect company to expand your offerings. Our affordable prices and excellent, unique designs are unlike any other. Even more, Our make the extra effort in their customer service to always be available for any of your needs. We also have a comprehensive guide to how they pack and ship each cabinet. Regardless of where you are coming from, NeoFuns has got your back with everything you might need to take your arcade to the next level.