Brave 3 Levels Sports Arcade Machine

Brave 3 Levels Sports Arcade Machine

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    Guangdong, China (Mainland)

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brave 3 level racing arcade machine


brave 3 level arcade racing games




Brave 3 levels is a kind of racing arcade game, one of latest developed products of Neofuns in 2019. This product is born in response to the demand of the players for sports arcade games.


After throwing the coins, the player can choose the single player mode or online versus mode. If choose the single player mode, there are 3 levels, and each has different obstacles. The players need to keep running and jumping in the machine to avoid obstacles.


After choosing the online versus mode, there is only one level, and both players can see other party’s characters. 3 levels of single player mode are combined as one level of versus mode. The player who first runs to the finish line will win.




1. Sports game

2. Online versus mode

3. Cool appearance

4. No delay, strong stability of game

5. The game makes people losing weight

6. Multiple levels and various ways of playing

7. Suitable for people of all ages


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