Dragon Fist 3 Boxing Arcade Machine | Punching Power Machine

Dragon Fist 3 Boxing Arcade Machine

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    Guangdong, China (Mainland)

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dragon fist 3 boxing arcade machine




Dragon Fist 3 is the third generation of Neofuns’ big punching arcade machine.  With comprehensive upgrading on both its outlook and function, our Dragon Fist 3 looks more modern comparing to the previous generation, thus motivate more players and enhance their experience in the process of playing.


Based on the third generation, Dragon Fist 3 remains function of vending out coca-cola as prize, players will get one can of coca-cola once they reach the set score.


We are sure that our Dragon Fist 3 will be the indispensable arcade game for all game centers, it meets the need of market and players who are favoured stimulation.




1. Stylishappearance, smooth outlines

2. Beautiful Led lights

3. Boxing arcade game with challenge

4. Payout Prize or Ticket

5. Accuratestrength measurement instrument

6. Appearance customizing is available


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