Neofuns Amusement In Western China Xi’an Amusement & Game Expo

It is reported that the exhibition area of this Xi’an Exhibition will reach 10,000 square meters. The display products include amusement game equipment, VR virtual reality equipment, children’s entertainment equipment, etc. And there are many famous enterprises who come from all over the country taking part in the amusement game industry, which creates an exhilarating, in-depth, professional, technological, branded, and original entertainment show.


Xi’an is an important economic and political center and distribution center in the western part of China. It is important scientific research, education, and industrial base of the country. It is the ninth national center city of China and one of the four ancient capitals of China. It is the starting point of the ancient Silk Road an important part of the Belt and Road. With the introduction of the national favorable policies and the increase in the level of national entertainment consumption, the animation industry in Xi’an has developed rapidly and has become one of the important sources of income for cultural and recreational activities in the west. It has received strong support from the government.


Neofuns Amusement has participated in this Xi’an exhibition and invites you to come and visit and share it together. We introduce new products cut ur prize vending machine, which catering to different consumer preferences.and other hot sale family arcade game machine such as Ultimate Big Punch, monster drop prize redemption game machine. We have waited for you at T12/2, Hall B4, Xi’an Qujiang International Convention, and Exhibition Center.