User Experience of Arcade Game for Players

Most users are probably familiar with the arcade game.


Literally, it is a kind of game machine operated in the public entertainment places. With new changes in science and technology, people’s entertainments emerge in endlessly today. However, the nature of business of arcade games, the fun of games, and the interaction between strangers determine that arcade game has an unshakable status in the market.


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Arcade games mainly include 2 types, vertical frame and horizontal frame arcade game machine.


The middle section in front of the frame or the vertical position outside is used to display the human-machine interaction touch LCD screen.


The biggest difference and attraction between arcade games and other types of games lies in the game controller. The control panel of arcade game integrates the game control functions such as joystick, button, trackball, light gun, and etc., which is the main part of human-machine interaction. At the same time, it is also an attractive feature of arcade games.


Secondly, the fun of games, immersive experience, incomparable interactive rhythm, various entertainment consumption pattern (grabbing dolls, coin dozer, sports series) and etc. is the soul of the game machine. It is also the root cause of the arcade game machine still standing.


The first experience of any game is very important. Touch LCD screen sensitive, responsive, high quality sound effect, stable and accurate joystick, high resolution clear image is the most intuitive feelings of the customers. If these performances don’t work well, the players will go to other games.


If the players are very impressed with the game, they will continue to play. For example, Neofuns’ children amusement facilities, it can promote more easily the feelings between children in the collective game environment with a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. Neofuns’ racing motor, it has realistic sound background environment, which can give players good game experience. While some player done well also attract more people to stop. If new players have a bad experience for the game, this kind of arcade game will be abandoned. Therefore, the first experience of the game is very important, should seize the users’ first experience, or the return on investment will be discounted.


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One of the most popular features of arcade games:

When you are tired of walking on the street, waiting for the movie ticket, under great work pressure and looking for an entertainment project around you to relax, you can find the suitable arcade game mode to relax.

Sometimes, we can meet some people who have the same hobbies as we have when we play games. It is also a good way for us to increase interpersonal communication. There are many kinds of game modes to meet the needs for any occasion.


Neofuns’ TV track racing arcade game machine brings you an incomparable all terrain racing experience from the twists and turns of the Amazon forest to the frozen height of the Andes.


Neofuns’ karaoke master M-bar jukebox has perfect sound insulation effect which allows the players to sing their own voices as they like.

Neofuns’ FIFA football arcade game machine has flexible joysticks, buttons to switch the direction of the football movement that can control the speed of attack and shooting powder. It can give you the experience on the spot in person.  


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Neofuns’ products series:

   • Prizes and vending machine

   • Video arcade machine

   • Claw machine

   • Sports arcade machine

   • Redemption arcade machine

   • Children’s arcade machine

   • Racing arcade machine

   • Shooting arcade machine

   • Continuously launching her kinds of latest games suitable for the development of the market.


Neofuns has strict quality supervision and quality management system. It provides reliable quality assurance on hardware facilities. Our game modes and operation modes keep up with the market changes and are your trustworthy partner.