How to select the location for your Arcade Game Room, FEC or LBE?

An arcade symbolizes fun and affordable carefree times for all visitors where young and young-minded alike can enjoy a test of skill against a machine. Here are several things to consider when you are considering opening an arcade business.


The basis for a new Arcade or FEC success is very dependent on repeat customer visits, so it should be located near high-density / high foot traffic areas such as near malls, schools, commercial and retail zones, and residential neighborhoods.
FEC entrance sets your guests’ expectations as soon as they step inside, or, depending on your location, walk past your venue. If you’re in a thoroughfare this tip is even more important, because your entrance acts as an advertisement for every potential customer walking past.


Make the entrance of your arcade space large and inviting. Position new and exciting pieces near the entry that encourage customers to step inside for a closer look. Make sure there is plenty of visibility into the rest of the game room and your other attractions.

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Games featuring energetic music and lighting effects tend to make good entry pieces because the frenetic activity they bring begs for attention and creates entertainment for onlookers.


The correct size and location for your facility will depend on a variety of factors such as local population size, number of other competitors and the market demographics within your area, along with the size and budget of your project.