How to Place Plush Toy in Crane Redemption Game Machine?

When visiting the amusement parks, children’s playgrounds and shopping malls, there is a surprisingly unexpected phenomenon: plush toys are casually put into the machine, which can not attract consumers to come to play.

The correct steps are made of three. Firstly straighten out a plush toy and lay it neatly at the bottom. Put as much as you can! In fact, it is very important that neat, beautiful and rich bottom layer will make consumers feel that the cranes are very large, abundant, and will be more trying.

The second step is to put the rear row of gift display telescopic poles full of toys. The key is to be neat and tidy, so that the toy is structured, which has a good effect to plush toy crane machine.

In the third step, the plush toy has a certain shape and faces the consumer on the second floor, which can lie flat or up. As long as the consumer can clearly see the front of the doll. For example, if you put three together or enclose themselves etc., they will be lovely and playful in order to attract young players and bring emotional consumption.

Sometimes a Plush Crane Redemption machine will place multiple toys at the same time. Then, certain principles must be followed:

1.the same plush toy at the bottom of the crane game machine

2.upper toy keep a certain distance from each other more than 3 models

There are some negative examples. Many Family Entertainment Center venues obviously make many mistakes to place in toys.

1. the bottom is not neat

2. too many colors are too mixed

3. plush toy was displayed on gift display telescopic pole

4. the direction of the toys is not uniform

5. the upper plush toys do not face the player


With the crane claw machine shown in this way, the revenue situation is already predictable bad. Think about whether making these mistakes?