Neofuns Product

1. What are the categories of products?


The machines of the company have been sold to more than 75 distant countries and regions as follow: Prize Vending Machine, Claw crane machine, (Arcade) Ticket Redemption Game Machine, Penny Press Machine, Arcade Simulator Game Machine, Amusement&Carnival Machine and so on.


2. What is your product manual description? What is the daily maintenance of the product?


1) Outline of the product 2) Appearance and parts 3) Precautions 4) Machine installing and calibration 5) Game description 6) Product parameters 7) Accessories list 8) Frequently asked questions


3. What are the differences between your company’s products and peers?


First, all products including the motherboard, the design of a mold, the development of the program are R&D by ourselves. So that we can take full control of the quality of shipping products. In addition, our company is export at the beginning and have cooperation with many foreign companies. Even if the shape of other products is the same as us, we ensure that the experience of the machine is certainly not as good as the products from our company. Because we will provide feedback based on the customer to improve the product until the product is perfect.


4. Which places can see your products?


All customers who are in the amusment&game industry and vending business, they mainly operated FEC, Amusement Park, and locations.

Location Operator:hotel / restaurant / coffee shop / shopping center / park / zoo / airport / station / commercial pedestrian street / KTV / supermarkets;


5. Have done your company participates in the exhibition? What are the specific ones?


2012  RAAPA in Russia/2013  IAAPA in Orlando, FL, USA/ 2014  GTI in Canton, China/ 2014  IAAPA in Orlando, FL, USA/ 2014  Zhongshan Exhibition, China/ 2015  CIAE Canton, China/ 2015  DEAL in Dubai/ 2015  GAGA Canton, China/ 2015  IAAPA in Orlando, FL, USA/ 2016  AAA Beijing, China/ 2016  CAAPA Shanghai, China/ 2016  DEAL in Dubai/ 2016  IAAPA in Orlando, FL, USA/ 2017  AAA Canton, China/ 2017  AAA Singapore/ 2017  DEAL in Dubai/ 2017  GA Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.