Neofuns Amusement Annual Party was Held in Zhongshan

Neofuns Amusement invited all the clients and colleagues to participate in annual party thanking for them in Zhongshan,on Feb. 5th.The theme of annual party was Dreams of the New Year,Neofuns Amusement create more funs.In this year ,Neofuns Amusement will pay more attention to the product quality and safe production.Neofuns Amusement is determined to become the entertainment industry leader,focus on becoming claw crane prize vending machine profession manufacturer.Neofuns Amusement annual party is divided into two parts, the first part is visiting factory, the second part is enjoying the dinner together in Crowne Plaza Hotel.


Part 1:Visit claw crane machine factory

claw crane machine factory

All the guests arrived at the Neofuns Amusement Factory which on #2, Chengnan 5th Rd, South District, Zhongshan City, at 4 pm yesterday.The guests signed the signboard and took photo with Limao Li, chairman of Neofuns Amusement, Li Zhenghong, the general manager, and Zhang Hongling, the general manager of marketing.Subsequently, under the guidance of Neofuns Amusement staff, the guests visited and inspected the factory situation,knowing about the coin op machine production process which including but not limited to hardware processing workshop,acrylic processing workshop,woodworking workshop,woodworking assembly shop,assembly shop,quality department.Many guests also directly carried out the trial of the claw crane machine and other coin op machines in exhibition hall.


Part 2:Enjoy the dinner together

coin operated games coin op game machine

Neofuns Amusement annual party began at 7p.m.First of all, Neofuns Amusement sales team presented with catwalk show and dance performances.Then Limao Li, chairman of Neofuns Amusement, Li Zhenghong, the general manager, and Zhang Hongling, the general manager of marketing gave speech to us.During the ceremony, Zhang Hongling and Wu Jianwei were also awarded became one of the shareholders of Neofuns amusement.In addition,our staff were presented on the Korean dance “Up & Down”, talk show “I want to speak English” and other wonderful performances for the guests . After the performance, Neofuns amusement gave dedicated sub-prize, creative planning award, surpassing prize,excellent employee,sales champion,outstanding management cadre award, sales leader award, advanced management award, advanced collective award in the manufacturing center, Annual 7S outstanding team award, sales champion team award, dedication award, etc. conducted the award ceremony.Between each performance project,Neofuns Amusement had exciting lottery in return for the presence of guests and friends. At the end of the annual meeting, the larger family took photo together.2017 is over, but this is just a starting point. In 2018, Neofuns Amusement will inject more fresh blood, absorb more nutrients and continue to grow. This will provide the gaming entertainment industry with better equipment and broader space for development.