How to quickly make more profits ?

There has been a recent boom in the number of Family Entertainment Center that has started up nationally and internationally. Having a safe, entertaining and affordable arena for kids of all ages and parents to enjoy, while being in your local neighborhood, has become the new norm. Whether you want to plan a weekend birthday party or have a weekday pizza and entertainment treat for an excellent student, FEC’s have become the number one stop for parents.


The standard of a good project is profitability. For investors, when investing in cost management projects, they are concerned about how to recover their costs most quickly. Today, it is necessary for us to get some good methods for the FEC’s.


Pay more attention to hardware and software

Hardware facilities and good service are the premises for FEC’s. Beside a right site selection ensuring that the target passenger flow, amusement facilities not only have quality assurance but also to meet the children’s desire to explore unknown things in different age groups. The quality of service enables customers to create a sense of dependence, and children will never forget that they want to continue playing in FEC’s.China factory arcade redemption machine

Encourage customers to do membership card

After the FEC’s has been in business for a long time, there will be some old customers who often come and play. For this part of the old customers, we can give preferential measures, such as encouraging them to set up membership cards, so as to enjoy more concessions, the old customers’ evaluation is the driving force for new customers to set up cards. This part of the income is very significant for FEC’s.


Organize exciting events

Atmosphere activities can increase the popularity of FEC’s while adding fun. For example, the more popular group purchase is the best way to increase popularity in a short period of time. Or we can hold some large-scale competitions to have a jolly time. In addition, we can also organize small activities on a regular basis, such as Parenting series, birthday parties, etc.