How to Make Facility Planning for Your Family Entertainment Center?

When opening a Family Entertainment Center, facility planning is a necessity.

Whether you want to open up a go-kart racing center, an arcade, or a trampoline park, there is a lot of thought and planning that you have to take into consideration before you make such a big commitment. Most of us don’t even know where to start. When planning your facility, there are five initial steps that you will need to take before constructing the Family Entertainment Center of your dreams.

Facility Planning Steps

Step 1: The first step to facility planning consists of what is called a pre-feasibility study. Basically what this means is that you conduct a study to find out if this facility will be realistic, profitable, and open to opportunities.


Step 2: The second step of facility planning consists of self-reflection. You want to discover what is your mission and your purpose. You have to ask yourself why you want to build a family recreation center.


Step 3: The third step of facility planning consists of evaluating your vision and goals. What are your plans for this facility and what do you want to see come out of this sports complex?


Step 4: The fourth step of facility planning consists of a financial forecast. This includes analyzation of your capital to capital requirements and funding opportunities. You will also need to ask yourself where your funding will be coming from. Will you receive funding from a bank, a business partner, donations, etc.?


Step 5: The fifth step of facility planning consists of your program requirements. This will include a facility development timeline, program plan, facility management, cash flow and profitability, and your overall business plan. The steps listed above are just a basic guide to beginning your family entertainment center. After completing these steps, you also have to begin to carry out your goals, construct your facility, and manage your business. As you can see, facility planning, construction, and management of your family entertainment center can be quite a daunting task. You might not have all the resources, knowledge, or time to complete these steps and tasks.

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