How to Make a Entertainment Family Center More Kid-Friendly?

A key characteristic of any top performing entertainment family center is that it is kid-friendly. Families are the majority of people who frequent sports facilities, so you want to make it is an enjoyable place for everyone. Parents will feel good about taking their kids to a safe, family-friendly environment, and kids will want to come because they have so much fun. Here are seven great ways to make your Entertainment Family Center more kid-friendly.

1. PlayCare

This is like daycare but more fun! PlayCare is a childcare center that provides children with a fun, fitness-oriented environment while parents or guardians are utilizing the recreation center. You could make there be a minimum and maximum age for children and have a set price per hour for members as well as maybe a little more for non-members. Parents will love the convenience of a PlayCare center.

2. Birthday Parties

An Entertainment Family Center can be a very popular destination for children’s birthday parties. You can offer different packages for different prices. For example, “Party A” could include 2 hours in a themed party room with a party attendant for $150; “Party B” is $200 but includes event pictures taken by a photographer.

3. Special Events

Having special events is a great way to bring in new members. Have a family weekend with lots of different activities going on and prizes that the kids will love. This is also a good time to hand out any kind of special offer you may have going on or discounts on memberships that will guarantee first-time visitors come back.

4. Youth Classes

You can offer anything from a “Tiny Dancers” class for three and four-year-olds to a taekwondo class for older children. Swimming lessons are always popular too.

5. After School and Summer Programs

Expanding the PlayCare from just being a place to drop your child off while you’re using the Entertainment Family Center to also having after school and summer programs will definitely increase business. People always need childcare, and recreation centers have a lot more to offer than most daycares or babysitters.

6. Family Savings

Offer discounted packages when the whole family gets a membership or when there’s more than one child registered for classes or the after-school program.

7. Let Parents Know Your Entertainment Family Center Is Safe

Keeping your facility secure and up-to-date with the latest technology is something that’s probably already very important to you. Giving parents peace of mind by showing them how secure your Entertainment Family Center is and demonstrating drills you have in place for the children’s programs will make them that much more confident in their decision to give you their business.