How to Maintain the Amusement Equipment?

In order to achieve long-term profitability of amusement equipment, it is necessary to consider a sound business strategy, as well as regular maintenance of equipment. Amusement equipment is generally soft and easy to wear, so while doing business, it is more important to protect the equipment! The technicians must perform an internal observation physical examination on the equipment every day, and find that the abnormality is treated in time, and the lubrication part is lubricated in time to maintain the long-term operation of the equipment.


Facing unexpected situations. For example, when the equipment suddenly stops running or runs abnormally, the first thing that may be thought of is that the temperature of the body is overheated, or the load exceeds the limit for automatic protection, and it is very unlikely that the mechanical transmission and the structure are faulty. At this point, first turn off the power, check the circuit, check the body after confirming the normal, carefully find the cause of the shutdown, and then restart after troubleshooting.

Amusement Equipment Factory

Whenever the safe play is the first appeal of children’s paradise products. Therefore, low-speed operation, simple structure, and soft covering are the characteristics of the product itself, which may reduce the irritation and complexity of the device during play, but do not use external force to promote rotation and attempt artificial stimulation. In addition to equipment safety, the safety of the personnel is also essential. The equipment for the children’s playground is designed for children aged 0-6. The load-bearing capacity of the equipment is also relative to that of children. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to exceed the age of 0-6. Play to avoid accidents!


The details of the amusement equipment cannot be ignored. For the inspection of the air inlet of the fan, it is necessary to prevent the blockage. It is usually found that if there are paper scraps, broken balloons, etc. in the field, it should be picked up immediately. In addition, the maintenance personnel should promptly restore, timing cover, repair the nails that have been torn off in time, and artificially open the exposed interior and the appearance of human damage. At the same time, it is necessary to timely discover and eliminate problems such as loose parts of small parts, worn belts, friction wheels, and other consumable parts. Because the rotating parts of the machine are easy to loosen, the parts of the rotating parts are easy to wear, so it is necessary to follow the cycle replacement and timely maintenance.