Do you Know the Common Mistakes in the Family Entertainment Centers?

All the family entertainment center operators hope to earn more revenue and make players get gifts to form Arcade Ticket Machines and enjoy fun form Redemption Arcade Games. However, a small problem can affect revenue.


Redemption Arcade Games are poor placement between narrow aisle.

Arcade Ticket Machines placement has always been a difficult problem. In general, as long as it is patchwork, non-blocking and beautiful. However, in some venues, family entertainment center operators are blindly attempting to set up the machine densely packed, which is too compact and narrow. That will be not convenient for players who are reluctant to enter and they are unwilling to stay. Naturally, this will have a major impact on revenue. The passage of the aisle must be guaranteed within 1.5 meters so that players can easily go to the machine you want to play. Before the purchase of the machine, we must make reasonable plans and avoid greed. In addition, we can ask professionals to plan.


Arcade Ticket Machines area is too far away from the gift exchange.

Due to store restrictions, Lottery area is separated from the main gift box. Then we put the gift cabinet and the lottery area back together as much as possible. In the unique atmosphere of the game machine, players usually play a machine, save lottery tickets and exchange gifts. The players are more motivated by the exquisite gifts. If they are separated, the effect is greatly reduced.

In special circumstances, we can adjust by other means. Lottery area is far away from the main gift counter, so a small gift display cabinet is made solely in the lottery area for display only, guiding the player back to the main gift box for redemption. In addition, more lottery and exchange guides must be done to make it clear to players that the lottery tickets can be exchanged for gifts.