Why Japan Crane Machines Are So Popular?

Today we talk about tips that Japanese operate cranes machines. Japan cranes machine makes 4 big global records, the most – the claw crane machine store has about 350 machines in the world;the maximum – the world’s largest crane machine is up to 3 Storey that 9 meters high, 13.3 meters long and 12.1 meters wide; the most professional – the world’s first cranes machine expert verification; the most popular – the world’s first child-teaching training course for children in Japan.

Many people who mention crane machines will directly think of Japan crane machines. In Japan, the crane’s industry is highly specialized in two aspects, one is introduced a three-level crane machine verification test, which teaches players to analyze spatial positions and formulate combat strategies. For employees, they have systematic education and training to cultivate knowledge and skills. Besides the game center has become a popular tourist attraction.

According to the statistics of Japan’s Amusement Industry Association (JAIA), the revenue of game center from cranes has been maintained at more than 170 billion yen annually in the past 12 years, accounting for more than 60% of the national game industry and more than 60% of game centers.

Japan crane machine not only provide prizes but also make players enjoy comfort and become a low-cost entertainment representative. Crane machines are the best way to relieve pressure quickly at any time. Why does it become a low-cost entertainment representative, not other games?

The unique product is the key to crane machine industry. The Japanese said that the goods in the crane’s machine are special items and non-trafficking products limited issued by enterprises. People cannot buy through other channels.

The marketing strategy of claw crane machine is based on the characteristics of different players to select different gifts. Since 2008, the crane machine industry has introduced the most popular anime characters of the moment, stimulating the purchase of the Otaku, which is a favorite of collectors. Even after the financial tsunami was still in the doldrums, the output value of dolls grew by 4.5% in 10 years. There are hand-held crane machines in all of Japan’s game centers and most of them are hand-held.

Combining agricultural products such as the pumpkin machine in Hiroshima Prefecture, the sweet potato machine in Ishikawa and the onion machine in Awajishima have also been introduced across Japan, successfully attracting housewives. In September 2016, Namco partnered with Dim Sum to launch biscuits made from Matsusaka beef. The limited quantity was limited by the store. After the successful manufacturing, Namco added additional production at the end of the year and expanded it to the machines of 160 stores in the country. The combination of cranes and agricultural products is very common in all parts of the country, among which the onion machine of Awaji Island in Kansai is widely known.

In recent years, crane machines are not limited to low-cost entertainment and even linked to brand names. In March of this year, France’s 100-year-old boutique Chanel opened the first game flash center in the streets of Harajuku, Tokyo. The plastic balls stacked in the crane’s machine table put the latest makeup.