Introduction! Super Bright Diamond Claw Machine

Hello, everyone. I am Neo, an arcade game player. I introduced a kind of network claw machine game last issue. Today, I introduce a new kind of claw machine with special playing ways. Let’s watch its appearance first.

Diamond Claw Machine

The overall appearance is beautiful, like a flying saucer in cosmos. There are full of countless pink diamonds. It reminds me of one movie “Blood Diamond” starring Leonardo DiCaprio. But these diamonds are made of plastic.


In addition to diamonds, there is a big difference inside the cabinet. There are not three-fingered steel claws, but old-fashioned steam shovel as the claws. And the playing ways are very different, combing with the operation way of the Coin Dozer.


The players need to take the steam shovel to grab diamonds inside the turntable and adjust the shovels on the platform covered with diamonds. Look at the right time, lose the shovel, and then diamonds fall onto the platform and squeeze the diamonds covered on the platform, and then the diamonds on the end of the platform fall into the door. The players can get diamonds to exchange for the prizes.

diamond claw machine

There are three platforms for players to operate for this kind of claw machine game. And there are three steps to test the players.


First, the players need to control the right time, operate the shovel to grab the most diamonds as many as possible. Secondly, the location of the claw falling is for testing. The players should the location of the platform which full of diamonds to release their claws. The last step is the time when the claws are loosened.


As everyone knows, the platform of Coin Dozer that is putting game coins pushes back and forth. If missing the best time, it is possible that the coins you put in can only increase the height of the coin pile up, not force the coins at the end to be pushed out. This kind of claw machine is also applied the same principle. The players also need to control the time of claws loosening in order to get as many diamonds as possible.

diamond claw machine claw

In a word, this new kind claw machine has many bright spots, especially so many diamonds, which are very bright in the game room. And it combines the playing ways of the coin dozer, its difficulty.


When I tested it on the site, I found that is it was no longer a merchant-controlled claw machine. When getting the diamonds, the claws would not loosen and the diamond would not drop. The players no longer need concentrate on the difficulty whether they can catch diamonds. Only controlling the location and timing of the claws falling, they can get the biggest return.


Test the machine performance. It is shown that the overall operation of the claw does not delay. The machine does not work and the game does not stop after playing several dozen times.


Above is the new kind of arcade game equipment. I will update new one as soon as possible.