How to Get More Customers for Your Family Entertainment Centers?

If you have the question: How to get more people to my family entertainment centers?


Well, many FECs owners wonder why others FECs has more people playing family entertainment centers game machine.


And today we will reveal 3 tips to help you find the right way.

1. Customer Information Database


Customer Information Database is the best way to keep your clients info.


With this info, you could have many details such as telephone, birthday, etc.


Your campaign is based on the info you have.


2. Remember Your Customer Name


Your customer must be happy when you and your staff call their name.


This could impress you and clients connection.


3. Customer Maintenance


You might hear the 20%-80% theory.


So it works for Customer maintenance.


You should try best to keep the 20% valuable clients coming back to your FECs.


80% of clients are not loyal to your game machine and you should arrange your time to balance them.

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