Which Game Center is the Most Popular in Shanghai?

Game Center has been active in the young nearly 20 years ago. But today it appears in the streets of Shanghai and attracts large numbers of people. Which one? It is Chanel Beauty Event. Chanel, one of the most popular makeups for girls all over the world, has opened in Shanghai, China.COCO Game Center not only attracts many people in Tokyo but also in Shanghai.

At the gate of K11, many young ladies have queued three hours in advance to get the makeup form Chanel Beauty Event. Following Chanel’s WeChat, you can go in and get a package with a gift, a one-time makeup tool and 4 game coin used for play arcade game center machine.

There are the following types of game machine in the Chanel Beauty Event:

1 Claw Crane Machine: Although you can see lipstick in the transparent ball outside the Chanel store when you really play lipstick claw crane machine and find the machine only has the sample of the camellia series.

2 Racing Machine: Because the facade design and interior decoration of the entire game hall are full of Chanel icons, makeup graffiti, and various accessories. That is a good place where many younger sit and photograph.

When you win the game, you will get four lottery tickets for collecting a small gift from Chanel. You to leave 2 tickets and recover 2 tickets to Chanel.

In the Chanel Beauty Event, you can also try makeup, including all kinds of new cosmetics and the first day of the event does not exist a certain number of cases. There will be a dedicated make-up artist to make you a one-by-one makeup before making an appointment but until the 23rd has been completely reserved.

If you like a cosmetic you can also buy it on the spot. You can get the goods on the spot with the QR code behind the cosmetics and get some samples. The difference between the pop-up shop and the counter is that some popular makeups are available in the pop-up shop but the counters are basically out of stock.

Location: Shanghai K11 Shopping Center

Time: 2018.4.14-4.23