How does the FECs attract popularity?

The amusement game industry has great development in those years and many people are beginning to get involved in the amusement game industry. How to manage a family entertainment center? Today, we will analyze the internal organizational structure and marketing methods for you.


Internal organizational structure

1. employee training

Early training is the focus. It is important to offend consumers or hold consumers. The taboo of family entertainment center business is that it is invisible to offend consumers, and our managers still don’t know. Therefore, the training of personnel is very important. As a service staff on the spot, to make a consumer complaint to him, no matter he is the supervisor or maintenance worker and marketing staff, he needs to help the consumer comprehensively handle the problem. For example, operators often find consumers complaining about the phenomenon of machine cards on the spot. At this time, how to deal with it is very critical. We ask the employee to immediately pay the consumer a coin to play with other machines and then deal with the maintenance of the machine in question. This way the consumer’s grievances have subsided.

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2. Structure of managers

The manager, finance, mechanic, marketing staff is a team. We must have good leadership and good support and cooperation. These people are indispensable. Like a good team, a good coach must have a tactical coach, a physical coach, a goalie coach, a doctor in order to guarantee victory. The service provider need keep the smile and check whether the tool bag and record. In addition, the atmosphere of the scene is mobilized, publicized, clean and hygienic, which are service personnel duties. The division of maintenance personnel’s level. Qualified machine repair is to ensure the normal operation of the machine. A good machine repair staff can be based on the size of the flow, adjust the difficulty of the machine so that the machine to produce the greatest benefits. The best one can modify the machine, which explains his study for the circuit and the development of the machine. The top level can cooperate with the manager to engage in marketing and he can be the mechanic director. A good leader must look at the overall situation, make reasonable arrangements and keep checking. On the other hand, you must have the skills to communicate with your boss; on the other hand, you must have the ability to allocate work properly.


3. Marketing methods

The responsibility of the marketing staff is exploiting markets through multiple channels. He has done arrangements for event competitions, an organization of events, progress, summary of results, which how many members have been developed is fundamental and equal to how many consumers you have stabilized. To attract family consumption and lead normal consumption, we can survive for a long time. On Saturdays and Sundays, big holiday activities have become the focus.


To run a family entertainment center is not a one-off process, you need to use certain skills and appropriate methods. Only if you have a correct and effective management method, family entertainment centers are popular in people.