How to Deal With the Bottleneck of Claw Crane Machine?

Many location owners have the problem of running a claw crane machine for sale after a period of time.
That is, you can not find any source of attracting more people to your location.

And today we shall list 3 tips for you.

1. Layout Planning

Look, in some cases, your location is still the old layout after a long time.
People love the fresh style and fresh feel of claw crane machines.
Just hire professional designer or company to design a fascinating location layout.

2. Differentiation of competition

What is Differentiation of competition?
It mainly means find a different angle of your business and create new items to avoid fierce competition.
As for amusement game business, you could connect your claw crane machine with the characters of culture to attractive people.

3.Member operation

Almost every location has member card today.
But, how is your engagement with your member?
Remember, Judging the trend of customer demand development is the super great way to beat your competitor when developing your claw crane machine business.