How to Choose a Amusement Game Machine?

It is of great import for the game center to purchase the game machine. What precautions before purchasing the game machine?

1, Understanding the size of the actual site: obtain a floor plan of the site to make a simple machine distribution, such as the machine area, the placement of hot machines, difficult to move the machine position, etc.;

2, Knowing about the popular machine type: You can investigate the machine configuration of the same city video game city by investigating the machine configuration of the peer video game city;

3, Understanding the type of machine: the game machine is divided into a racing machine, music and dance machine, lottery ticket machine, claw crane machine, arcade game machine, etc.;

4, Making budget amount for purchasing machine: list the machine configuration list, consult the manufacturer price of the machine;

5, The number of machine purchases by determining the site operation center of gravity machine;

6, Grasping the characteristics of the machine. The game machine belongs to the electronic mechanical equipment and needs to know its power, display mode, vulnerable parts and precautions for the maintenance machine in operation.

amusement game machine


Then, you need to know more about the machine equipment, so what is it?

1.Understand the types of video games

Video game equipment is divided into simulator machine, lottery machine, amusement machine, frame machine, and other major categories.

2. The simulator is mainly divided into a simulation of racing, shooting, music, gift leisure, sports, push coins and other small categories.

3. Lottery machines are usually not divided into small categories;

4. The amusement machine is mainly divided into two categories: indoor and outdoor (bumper cars, sewing machines, large-scale horses, etc.);

5. The frame machine is a screen type machine consisting of a frame + a game board. According to the game board, it is divided into fighting, puzzle, leisure, clearance, cards, aircraft and other small categories.