8 Best Amusement Arcade in the Philippines


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The arcade is one of everyone’s past times, especially for Filipinos. Since the time of the classic arcade games like Pacman, Donkey Kong, and space invaders, the arcade has been the place to go to spend time with friends and family. Despite the recent popularity of game consoles and PC’s, the arcade is still one of the places to go, especially during weekends. Amusement Arcade centers like Timezone, World of Fun, Funtasia, Tom’s World, Gamezoo, powerstation, and Quantum remain a popular destination for families to visit after grocery trips or shopping in the mall. Most shopping malls in the Philippines, especially in Manila, have multiple amusements arcades, so it is essential to know which is the best place to spend your time and money on for more fun and prizes.


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• What are the factors that rank the game center?

• 8 Best Amusement Arcades in the Philippines



What are the factors that rank the game center?


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The Amusement Arcade business is gaining popularity in the Philippines with more people spending time on popular games like Dance Revolution, Tekken, Wangan Midnights and more. It has also become an excellent venue for corporate events and exciting team building activities. Amusement Arcades are quick to adapt to the latest trends, and customer demands like offering the recent games to still having timeless classics like basketball, air hockey, and most importantly for Filipinos, the karaoke booths.


So, what makes an Amusement Arcade great?


1. The Environment: The Amusement Arcade is a place for everyone in the family, and it should have an atmosphere that is welcoming and comfortable to all. Cleanliness and safety are one of the most important factors to consider, especially if you have young children in tow.


2. The Quality of Service: Another factor to consider when choosing the best amusement arcade for you is the quality of service. It’s no secret that Arcade machine sometimes breaks down and they either take your tokens or credits or fail to dispense tickets or prizes, and it’s no fun waiting for more than 30 minutes so that staff can refund your token or credits or reset the machine.


3. The Type and Number of Arcade Games: It’s fun to play decade-old classic Arcade games like the 1990’s Initial D, Streetfighter or Claw Machines but the novelty will soon wear off if those are the only Arcade games available. Another factor is the number of Arcade games available and having to queue for almost half an hour only to play 5 minutes is a wrong way to spend the weekend.


4. The Availability of the Latest Arcade Games: A significant factor in considering the best Arcade Game Center to visit is if they have the latest in what the gaming industry has to offer. Before we were easily fascinated by 8-bit 2-d arcade games like Pacman, but the increasing advances in technology have pushed the envelope further. 9-D rides are now typical in most game centers that allow us to experience virtual reality at a lower price and simple joystick and button arcades no longer entertain today’s generation.


5. Game Coins Price: Another factor to consider is the price per game. The price per game coin or credit can be anywhere from 5 pesos to 50 pesos per game. Commonly, the latest Arcade Games can cost up to fifty pesos per game and classics like the claw crane machine can be as cheap as five pesos per try. Game centers that offer a great environment and friendly service often add a premium to their prices so you can expect to get what you pay for.


8 Best Amusement Arcades in the Philippines


1. Timezone


timezone amusement arcade


Timezone is one of the favorite Arcade Centers in the Philippines and most especially for those who frequent Ayala malls. Timezone is almost always present in Ayala owned malls like Glorietta, Greenbelt, Market Market, Ayala Mall Circuit, Ayala Mall Feliz and more. They are also present in other big malls like SM Megamall, SM North Edsa, Waltermart Makati, Robinsons Ermita, and other prominent locations. Timezone has a card swiping system, so you don’t have to worry about losing your tokens.


Timezone offers a family-centered environment that is great for young children, teenagers, and adults alike. Timezone’s core branding is the Family Entertainment Center (FEC), and they focus on providing the best “Time For Fun” for everyone in the family. There broad offerings of classic arcade games like classic joystick and button control games like street fighter, mega man and Tekken 3. They also have games like basketball hoops, air hockey, and throwing games. They also have the timeless favourite, the claw crane machine, that is updated continuously with prizes like teddy bears and even gadgets like phones.



Timezone also has the latest games like those derived from the famous Anime Series Wangan Midnight that has captivated generations since it was first aired in 1990 featuring blackbird and the infamous Devil Z. Timezone has the latest Midnight Maximum Tune 6. Another popular title in the gaming world is Halo, The Halo: Fireteam Raven, a cooperative sci-fi shooting game that can accommodate up to four players. The game allows players to play as one of the Spartans in the UNSC. The Halo: Fireteam Raven is only available in Timezone Glorietta 4.


Another popular game in Timezone’s lineup is the Injustice League Series 2 Arcade that is available in select Timezone Game Centers like Alabang Town Center, Ayala Malls Circuit, Glorietta 4, Ayala Malls Cebu and other major malls. Players can battle as superheroes or villains in the justice league DC universe. Timezone also has the new hit, and popular 9-D rides available in select branches nationwide.


In terms of pricing, Timezone is on the top of the scale and is relatively expensive compared to other game centers, but you will be getting what you paid for. Most Timezones are located in safe prime areas of the malls that are safe for children. You also get to play clean and well-maintained Arcade games that are also stocked full of prizes and tickets. The staff is always friendly and accommodating in Timezone, which makes it a great place to spend your free time and destress. Timezone also has multiple arcades so you don’t have to wait for your turn to play.


2. World of Fun

World of Fun is one of the pioneering amusement game centers in the Philippines with its first store in SM City North Edsa which opened in December 1987. Since then World of Fun has expanded to more than 100 stores throughout the country in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. World of Fun is almost exclusively located in SM malls, especially in the Metro Manila Area. Their branches are in SM City North Edsa, SM Megamall, SM City Fairview, and SM City Manila.


World of Fun offers a wide array of Arcade games and attractions that are affordable for the whole family. They have everything from Sports games including basketball arcade games, Dance and Music games like Kinect, shooting games like the classic time crises and rides for young children like a mini carousel. They also have rides for teenagers and young adults like bumper cars that are a major attraction in malls.


They also have classic arcade games like streetfighter EX2 plus, Virtual NBA, and the 1990’s classic hit, Metal Slug. Newer titles also include Tekken 5, 6, and Tekken Tag Tournament as game console hits like Marvel vs Capcom 3. World of Fun also has a variety of prize dispensing games like the all-time favourite, claw machine, crane game, and the key master which dispenses prizes from cute plush teddy bears to expensive gadgets like premium headphones.



World of Fun also has plenty of Ticket-Redemption games that are fun and rewarding for parents and children alike; these include arcade games like Space Trip, Pacman Swirl, and Touchdown games. These games allow players to win tickets that they can later exchange for exciting prizes like stuff toys, candies, and more.


There also plenty of Driving games to choose from ranging from different games like Batman, Harley Davidson and even classic games like Initial D to satisfy car fans and enthusiasts


World of Fun is one of the oldest amusement arcades in the Philippines, and you can expect that some of their arcades are relatively old and outdated however this can be overcome by its cheaper pricing with its games and rides. World of Fun has multiple types of arcade so you don’t have to worry about wasting your time waiting for your turn.


3. Funtasia



Funtasia Kid’s club is an amusement center specifically for young kids and parents. They provide a fun and safe place for kids to play and learn to interact with other kids through large and padded playing areas. Children can enjoy playing inside the kid’s maze with a slide or cuddle with giant stuffed teddy bears. Funtasia has an enjoyable and safe environment for children, and their staff is very accommodating.



Funtasia kid’s club has affordable opening promo rates that range from 180 php for 1-hour playtime, 120 php for 30 mins pay time and 120 php for a 1-hour extension. Fantasia also has Unlimited play packages at an affordable rate of 380 php. For parents or guardians who want to accompany their kids inside the play area, Funtasia also has an adult pass for 80 php. For those who forgot their socks, socks are available at 30 php.


Funtasia Kid’s club is located at the 4th level of Resorts World Manila. For customers who have a Resorts World Manila (RWM) cards can get bonuses like a free adult pass for unlimited play or an additional 30 minutes play for 1-hour play.


4. Tom’s World


Tom's world amusement arcade


Tom’s World is a new player in the Philippine Amusement Arcade Industry. They provide a wide array of arcade games from fun amusement arcade must-haves like basketball arcade machines, boxing arcades and newer electronic arcade games like Time Crisis 5 and Just Dance 2016.


Tom’s World provides a fun and vibrant atmosphere but is more centered towards older audiences like teenagers and young adults compared to other arcade game centers. They also lack new co-themed arcade games like Tekken Tag Tournament, Wangan Midnights or even street fighter but instead rely on generic game stations. Friends can test their boxing skills with the Boxing arcade machines or even compete with boxing arcade machines.


Tom's world amusement arcade 1


To make up for their lackluster selection of electronic games they do have great ticket-redemption games that can be exchanged for great prizes including cell phones, a large stuffed toy and even a motorcycle.


Tom’s World has one of the lowest prices to play per game and attracts a large crowd, especially during weekends or after school hours, so be prepared to wait for your turn if you want to play. The quality of service offered by Tom’s world staff is above average and leaves space for improvement especially during weekends when it’s evident that the arcade centers are understaffed and their arcade’s lack of maintenance begins to show. Still, you get what you pay for, and it is always one of the best and affordable way to spend time with friends or office mates on the weekend. They also have plenty of arcade games available for everyone.


5. Gamezoo



Gamezoo is another new player in the Philippine Amusement Arcade Industry and only has one branch on the 4th floor of Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila. Since Gamezoo is relatively new to the scene, you can expect that they have the latest bells and whistles of the industry and they do deliver, in style.


The amusement arcade has one of the latest offerings in the gaming industry, and customers can play the latest gears like the Playstation 4 VR and experience immersive virtual reality without paying full price for the console system. Gamezoo’s Playstation 4 VR has many great games to choose from like first-person shooter combat games, space exploration games and the all-time favourite Gran Turismo racing games.

Popular Arcade games are also available for those gamers who want to play classic arcade games like half-life two arcade and new titles that are popular on mobile phones like Plants vs Zombies and Angry birds. Sports games like basketball arcade game machines are also available.


To cap it off, Gamezoo also has a 4D theater so that you can enjoy the thrill of riding a roller coaster without actually going outdoors. It also has the latest 6D theaters where you can immerse yourself in the cutting edge of entertainment technology.


Another major attraction in Gamezoo Resorts World Manila is the Manila Trickeye Museum where you can enjoy with your family and friends posing with mind bungling scenes that you can most in social media.


Gamezoo is on the premium scale in terms of pricing and service offerings so you can expect that it is considerably more expensive than other arcades in the town. They also have a wide selection of games available so you won’t have to worry about waiting in line to play arcade games. The extra money you pay for is worth it because Gamezoo provides a safe and enjoyable venue to spend time with your children and friends.


6. Q Powerstation



Q Powerstation arcade is another new player in the premium arcade center in the Philippines, and they bring a unique selection of games from Japan and the United States. Q Powerstation arcade has three branches, and all are in metro manila namely the Rockwell Power Plant Mall, Shangri-la Plaza Mall, and SM Mall of Asia.



Popular new titles like the cute puzzle game from Disney house of mouse, Disney Tsum Tsum are available in Q Powerstation. Players can choose from several Disney characters and compete to win great prizes. Play with friends on popular game titles in mobile phones like Candy Crush Saga is also available. Car fans and enthusiast can battle it out with new cars and racecourses in the latest versions of the hit classic Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 5.


The arcade uses Q cards that have two pricing levels the Yeyo Q card and the Zap premium game card. The Q powerstation arcade sits in the middle of the pricing scale and offers well-maintained games and friendly staff. The Arcade Center is targeted for older audiences like teenagers and young adults, but games for young children are also available. W powerstation has a variety of arcades available and players can play right away without waiting for long queues.

7.  Quantum


Quantum amusement arcade


Quantum is also a relatively new entry in the Amusement Arcade Industry. They offer a wide range of games from classic arcade fighting games, ticket-redemption games, shooting games, carnival games, driving games and many more.


You can challenge and duel with your friends with popular titles like Tekken Tag Tournament, Marvel vs Capcom and Soul caliber. For those who want a hint of nostalgia classic arcade games like Metal Slug are also available.



The famous time crises and the house of the dead arcade games are also available if you want to shoot it out with your friends for fun and enjoyable time. For those who want to battle it out in the roads, games like Initial D, Mario Kart and Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune are also available. For people who want to enjoy their time in the arcade, classic games like crane game machines are available.


Quantum is also in the middle of the pricing spectrum, and with newer games and great vibe, it is one of the perfect places to spend your free afternoons or weekends with friends and family. The quality of service from Quantum staff is great and they are easily approachable, especially when you have problems. Quantum also has many arcade games to choose from so you can play without worrying about someone waiting for you to finish.


8. Martone



For those looking for hard to find a classic arcade, Martone has several classic arcade games like street fighter and Tekken tag tournament. For those who want a run with classic racing games, Initial D and Wangan midnight arcades are also available. Martone also has newer titles like Fruit Ninja where friends can battle out slashing fruits on a large screen.


Martone also has challenging prize vending machines where players have to correctly time their inputs to win a specific prizes. There is also a Pacman themed air hockey if you want to challenge your friends to exciting games.


Martone amusement arcade 1


Martone is not one of the biggest players in the amusement arcades in Manila but deserves a spot in our list because of their great games, affordable prices, friendly staff, and exciting prizes that you can redeem when you play their arcade games.Martone has new arcade machines that are fun and exciting play including the Jurassic Park shooting adventure arcade. In terms of pricing, Martone is definitely affordable and is a great hang out place for students and young adults alike who want to blow off steam after school or work.