Shanghai Attractions Expo 2017 Was Held Successfully

A few days ago, Grandeur Exhibition announced the next Asian Paradise and attractions Expo time and scale. “2018 Asian Paradise and Attractions Expo” will be held on April 3-5 next year in Guangzhou Canton Fair Pavilion A + B area, and upgrade exhibition area to 130,000 square meters, expanded the number of booths to more than 6,000, also increase exhibitors to 1,100, continue to pilot Asia’s largest park event. Neofuns J4 group also hope that meet everyone next year’s show again!


Neofuns stands and adheres to the concept of innovation, advancing with the times. We actively introduce new products to go into the fresh blood, detonated popularity for the development of the industry, showing the unique charm of the entertainment industry in the exhibition.


Neofuns amusement is with the idea of the do perfect product, bring happiness, the core value of learning, sharing, growing, win-win. This exhibition launched J4 gift machine by everyone’s favorite, thank you for our support, in the future we will always be in the introduction of a new series of prize vending machine.

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