5 newest arcade games in indoor play centers

5 newest arcade games


As arcade game, which is also heard as coin-op game, becomes a hot spot in those indoor play centers. Usually, you can always come across to such kind of coin-operated amusement machine in an indoor playground or indoor play park.


Most of the time, the arcade games we can see will refer to video games, merchandisers, redemption games, electro-mechanical games, and pinball machines. kids or young people can always amuse themselves by playing those dynamic arcade games.


As a matter of fact, the golden age of arcade games has always been under scrutiny. But a common definition about the exact dates is considered to be a period starting at a certain time in the late 1970s and ending at a certain time in the mid-1980s. Regardless of its golden age, now, we just plan to talk about 5 newest arcade games that youths love most among other arcade games.


5 newest arcade games youths love to play


1. Mysolar

In this game, people can effectively play god to build planets in the entire universe. As you see fit, you can build any kind of planets in the shape you like. While traveling around the fictitious universe, remember to collect every point you see which you can use to build those planets.


Aside from building planets, you can also purchase various planets or orbits. Once joined in the game, try to release your imagination as far and wide as you can. So, you can achieve to build a unique university of your dreams.


2. Brick Bash

This is another cool arcade game you can find in an indoor playground that is a little bit similar to the iconic and Breakout. In this game, there is a single paddle that you can used to control the movement for the panel.


You just need to keep your panel moving to catch the falling balls and that requires great reflexes and control. Throughout the whole game, you have to finish a myriad of levels to enter the next one where you will face more difficulties.


3. Chopstick Cooking

This arcade game is about cooking and serving. As the game starts, there will be various ingredients flying towards you. You have to catch the ingredients and make them into burgers for your customer. Otherwise, neither your customer will feel happy, nor your reputation will stay the same. Fortunately, you can purchase power-ups to improve your cooking skills.


4. 12 Minibattles

This arcade game is for multiplayers, so you can play with your friends and share your excitement and achievement together. Since this addictive gameplay has different game types so that your friends and you can play at random to gain different experiences.


5. Dumb Ways to Die 2

Engaging in this game, you have to beat a myriad of random challenges for a better performance. Generally, this kind of arcade game will mainly challenge your reflexes and logics. Try your best to staying on the ball at all times, then you can really step one step closer to the success.



Nowadays, you can always find a wide variety of arcade games in those in door playgrounds. These arcade games are usually presented with 2D and can be got on hands quickly. In a game center, you may find out that many classics like Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog are all available. Above all, indoor play zones can never be more fun with fun arcade games.