Finding Nemo Fishing Game Machine

Finding Nemo Fishing Game Machine

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    Guangdong, China (Mainland)

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fingding nemo fishing game machine


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Finding Nemo fishing game machine is a kind of leisure arcade game, which is the latest design of Neofuns in 2019. Because of the increasing demand of fishing machines in the market, but there is no new way to play them, Neofuns’ R& D team has designed a kind of machine that can really fish based on the survey and understanding of the players.


This appearance is designed to the billiard table type and 6 players can play the game together. The biggest lightspot is that it is applied a real fishing rod design, not old-fashioned way of fishing by clicking on buttons.


After throwing out the bait, the players can turn around the joystick for fishing line back. The faster the speed of rotation, the bigger the probability of catching fish is. If there is a very small fish bites the bait, can easily catch it. If it is a shark, there is great resistance, and it will take much strength to catch. Therefore, it has spent much effort on the study of the fishing rod for the designers.


After catching fish, the game will score based on the type of fish. The bigger the fish, the higher the score, the more lottery tickets will get.




1. Real fishing rod

2. 6 people canplay together at the same time

3. Novel playing ways

4. Dazzlinglighting and good sound effects

5. Lottery tickets are available

6. Support multi-language

7. Adjustmentfor easy and difficult


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