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Pile Up Stacker Arcade Machine

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    Guangdong, China (Mainland)

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  • Size[W*D*H] :

    750*725*2070mm/ W30 D29 H81

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Star Trek Pile Up Arcade Machine Display


Star Trek Pile Up Arcade Machine Display2




 Pile Up Stacker Arcade Machine is a kind of leisure prize machine, and it is also a kind of retro game machine.


Tetris was once very popular all over the world, and gradually fade out of people’s sight after PC games and PSP games sweeping the market.


However, Neofuns’ R& D department has improved this game and got it back. It is not like random different small squares just before, it is all set as 3 small squares combined into a straight line.


When the squares fall, the players need to pile up the falling squares neatly. When the piling up height of the squares is over the required level, the players can get an exquisite prize.  




1. Retro game

2. Self-developed game

3. Attractive and leisure game

4. Dazzling inner screen design

5. Simple operation

6. Prizes are optional


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