Skill Cut 2 Win Prize Machine | Vending Machine

Skill Cut 2 Win Prize Machine

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    Guangdong, China (Mainland)

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1. Insert coin/Token to start the game. 
2. Player can move joystick to make claw move.3. When make it stay the target location within limited time,please press the red button to catch the prize,then move to the prize out door location,you maybe get it.




1. Brand new Cut2Win Prize machine, the gameplay is super simple.
2. Try to cut the rope hanging the big gift, the front door will open antomatically and the player can get the prize.
3. The most profitable prize machine in game center at present, both in China and abroad.
4. All-metal chassis, large transparent tempered thick glass.
5. A banknote machine with a cash box can be installed
6. Various types of Prize can be put (such as large plush toys, xbox game, sports shoes, huge lottery tickets, skateboards, balance cars, various small household appliances, etc.)


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